Friday, June 12, 2009

Playing the Field

Recently I articulated an intention that I had actually set much earlier.

Despite deliberate appearances, this vision is not about anyone in particular.

I thought that to manifest this, I would intrinsically not be able to (or want to) "play the field." Remember that the realization is about finding a woman dedicated to a shared life purpose -- teaching, awakening, and changing prevailing views of sexuality, including her own -- so, I considered it unlikely that I would find this woman in a bar or club or concert venue.

This is what I want: She is a healer. She is an agent of change. She believes in her capacity to transform the world. She's dedicated to impacting the world specifically through our union -- our example -- our mutual passion. And she's highly sexual.

I thought I would have to cast a wide net -- on the Internet -- to find such a precise Match.

I considered time to be largely irrelevant. Distance irrelevant. But I thought I would have to find someone on a parallel path and allow our trajectories to merge.

What a limiting belief. What a thought distortion. What an assumption.

What a understatement of my own seduction ability.

The reality is, this woman could be right here. This woman could be found at a bar or club. Many women indeed have the intuition and openness that is crucial to the realization of our life mission. With my leadership, she can also surrender into our shared path and willingly leave the paltry enjoyments of her daily life behind.

That is the key. I want to see that willingness -- an eagerness -- to enthusiastically join forces. Then I will take care of the rest. Trust my direction, leave your past behind, and enjoy a future of passion and purpose.

To mix business with pleasure -- always. To understand our millionaire potential, but to be blissful in the eternal now regardless of any financial state -- always.

This is what "everything and everyone benefits me now" means. I can't assume I know who she is or where I will meet her.

So with that insight, I chose to play the field.

After all, she's always available to meeting a fearless man who can pull her into this kind of wholly satisfying adventure.

No woman ever wakes up and says, "I really hope I don't get swept off my feet today."

No woman ever wakes up and says, "I really hope Jason Savage doesn't come along and open me beyond the fear I have for life's sheer immensity."

I want a woman who's both worthy and ready.



Blogger Erika said...


June 12, 2009  
Anonymous claudia said...

i've been lurking around your blog for sometime now, and yes i'm finally going to comment.

your recent posts leave me nodding and smiling at the idea that there is someone out there thinking this way. i wish i could prescribe this way of thinking to all my male friends. or even discreetly guide them to this blog without insinuating any shortcomings on their part.

although fairly certain i'm not the type of woman you would settle for (i'm the first to admit i have some work to do on myself), instead of feeling discouraged i feel inspired to continue to develop and grow into the type of lady suitable a man capable of such sentiments.

June 12, 2009  
Blogger GoneSavage said...

Claudia, thank you for your coming-out comment. Welcome.

Those are some excellent photos on your site. Dale Chilhuly, Daedelus, and Cut Copy? I may just have to sweep you off your feet next time I am in Phoenix. ;-)

Have you been to the Mystery Castle lately? One of my favorite spots in Phoenix... that and the Rock Garden in Paradise Valley:

June 12, 2009  

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