Monday, June 08, 2009

Pretending to be Offended

Zan has said this: "Women are fantastic at pretending to be offended."

I've just been given a lesson in the above.

Amazingly, this past weekend -- the weekend I renewed my commitment as both a student and teacher of attraction -- I was contacted out of the blue by 3 past lovers. The most recent one I have not talked to since January. The other two go back much, much further.

There is definitely something to the way we remain psychically connected to the people with which we have shared intimacy and vulnerability. Why this weekend? Why at a point of powerful personal change? Why specifically when I was getting to know a very sexy and spiritually aware woman?

These are questions for another post.

Right now, I really just wanted to share this lesson.

I get this text Sunday from a girl in Ontario that I made love to one weekend when I was passing through in July 2006... we haven't seen each other since...

"Luv shacks and pillow pits....ohhh la la! You're such a smooth talker. I wish I could warn all the ladies about your rico-suave-ness."

No tangible communication from me provoked this. Anyway, I was feeling particularly dominant, so I responded with:

"The only way to control the temptation is to yield and taste the fruit. Get down here and get on your knees, like a good girl."

She says: "You should know better than to pass out these passive orders and assume that I'll bow down. You must have mistaken me for someone else."

I laughed. Pretending to be offended? Should I explain or defend? Of course not.

I responded: "I take you only as a beautiful, passionate woman who needs to come with me and celebrate life! That is no mistake! Let's create another fantastic experience!"

She says: "I know, we need to make fireworks again. I just wish you were here now. :-("

I could feel her soften 1,515 miles away.



Blogger Erika said...

Holy crap. No comment.

But it's been known to happen before ;-)

June 09, 2009  

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