Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tension & Emotion

I'm 30 years old and I'm done with all the non-committed experimenting. I've been successfully promiscuous, big deal. There are greater pleasures in this lifetime. What I am really looking forward to, I wrote about here.

I'm ready to not only feel the rush of strong attraction and intense connection, but to overcome any potential obstacle to realize these shared dreams. It may be a rocky road, but there is no doubt I am on the right path -- my emotions are giving me a clear signal.

I am not discouraged by impracticalities that might stop the faint of heart. I am trusting instincts that are supplemented by a vast array of experience. There might be barriers, but I chose to trust myself.

When I make a decision, I act on it. I believe it is better to go for it and risk everything than to hesitate and never know what might have happened. And no matter what happens, I will not regret putting myself on the line and making myself vulnerable.

You can't possibly know everything about a person. But I am willing to find out as I go along in order to have a chance at something remarkable, marvelous, and wonderful.

Is it a long shot? Sure. But you can allow yourself to be overwhelmed by difficulties, or you can be inspired by the possibilities. I think you know my stance.



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