Monday, June 08, 2009

25 Things About My Sexuality, part 2

Working on a list for this website:

11. I've never had a specific physical 'type' because I love women as individuals. There is just no way to determine a person's sexual dynamic based on judgements of appearance. One of the most amazing things about sex is discovering what makes a woman unique... What you look like naked and what you feel like physically. Discovering where you are soft and where are you firm. Discovering your enthusiasm and technique for certain things. Learning how you connect with my energy and how your style meshes with my own.

12. Sex is absolutely the most important aspect of any relationship I would enter. My sexuality is the primary way that I express love. I cannot have a relationship if sex is absent or unsatisfying. Lack of sexual fulfilment is a dealbreaker.

13. I always will crave variety and experimentation. Your sexual curiosity and sense of adventure is very sexy. Your enthusiasm is more important than your experience. If you are open to trying new things without hesitation, then you'll get my devotion every time. The way to my heart is through my cock.

14. I love girls that dedicate themselves to the art of cocksucking. Fucking is great, but your oral enthusiasm is what will keep me around. Again, enthusiasm is key, as it may take some experimenting to find your rhythm. Watch the teeth. Cup the balls. Keep it sloppy wet. Eye-contact is good. Willingly gagging is good. Clarity of intent is a must. Persistence is a must. Swallowing is good, but taking the facial once in a while is better. The former shows that you feel connected enough to ingest me, but the latter shows a real dedication to my aesthetic appreciation of your art.

15. Tits are for kids. I appreciate a nice rack, and I enjoy seeing the pleasure you get from having them touched, but I do not obsess or fixate over breasts. And tit-fucking is just awkward. Any tit-obsessed adult male obviously wants to still suck milk from his mother's teat. Grow up. You can be an ass-man or a pussy-man, but only a titboy.

16. Real men eat pussy. It's a fact. For me, it's not so much an eagerness to please, but a love of exploring women. I've become a connoisseur of taste, texture, and scent. I eat pussy with such focus. Such presence and awareness. Eating pussy leads to great wisdom -- when to slow down, speed up, or shift gears. When to be consistent, or persistent. Eating pussy teaches you to be patient and generous.

17. I love the messiness of primal sex. Getting hot and sweaty. Your tussled hair. Your drool running down my cock. Pussy juice squirting and spurting all over everything. And the abstract beauty of a well-positioned money shot. It's all incredible -- let's cuddle in the puddle. And I have no qualms about fucking you on your period. In fact, I'll probably smear some on my face like a savage warrior going into battle. ;-)

18. I love fucking a woman in the ass. Not because of the tightness or the taboo factor. Ass fucking is the ultimate act of surrender. It is the epitome of trust. To surrender your ass to a caring lover you must push past fear -- literally -- and find a place of complete trust. Your receptivity is active, not passive. There is a lot of power in this single act of submission.

19. I have never once ejaculated 'prematurely.' I definitely have the opposite concern. I can fuck in marathon sessions and not climax. This is not always a good thing. First of all, I sometimes put too much pressure on getting you off when you'd be just fine with a few minutes of fun sex. Second, we both get sore and dry. Third, you take it to heart and become critical of your ability to stimulate me. Yes, I've faked orgasms to avoid hurting girls' feelings. The good news is this: Your passionate enthusiasm combined with the my ability to fuck long and hard will usually do the trick. I love slow and sensual, don't get me wrong, but if you want the cum-load, I have to turn into a real fuckhammer.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I feel kind of weird saying this but other than number 11 about not having a type I deeply identify with everything you wrote in this post. I seriously couldn't have written it better myself. I may need to repost some of it on my blog, particularly the part about tits are for kids and women dedicating themselves to the art of cocksucking.

June 08, 2009  
Anonymous Cornelius said...

best post ever on the whole Internet :D

you made my day!

greets from germany,

June 09, 2009  

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