Friday, May 28, 2010

Seductive Ordination

What does it mean to be ordained?

Ordination in the classic, symbolic sense means that people recognize a certain quality that is unique to you. People come to you because of this special quality. You have this one incredible quality that sets you apart.

You become known as a problem-solver. A good listener. Someone with great clarity and wisdom. Someone who makes people laugh.

My belief is that everyone has such a remarkable quality. When you tune into your awareness, you'll notice that a community is actually seeking you out because of it.

For the better part of a decade, I was determined to be an anonymous playboy. I've always enjoyed seduction and sex, but I did not desire worldwide recognition for these abilities. I bought the illusion that my purpose had to be something bigger and better.

Then, a community called upon me to become a teacher of seduction and sex. I consider myself ordained as a teacher. It is my calling. I honor that ordination exactly as such. For me, it is sacred.

I have been ordained to explore and teach the process of seduction. It is not just a characteristic of my personality. It means that I am under orders to treat this part of myself as sacred. It has come directly from heaven for me to share with others.

Within you is a quality that you need to look at. You have a quality that you are ordained to share with others.

The challenge is that you have to get through the illusion that the only way to see yourself is by what you do. You are not your occupation. Believing that you are what you produce is a human illusion. You have to transcend the illusion and look at the spiritual energy that is thriving within you.

Maybe you are fanatically optimistic. Maybe you have the capacity to see and communicate beauty. Maybe you use your mind, body, and spirit to make people feel amazing pleasure. Maybe you truly give incredible, selfless blow-jobs.

Make no mistake, these qualities are God-like powers. These are our gifts.

We thrive when we give our gifts. We have closer contact between the human and the divine. The energy becomes even more clear when we activate our capacity to see beyond the illusions. Choosing to see beyond illusion is what makes a person a mystic.

Drop the illusion of who has more power. Who's demonstrating the highest value. Who's work is contributing more to this planet. Who cares? It's all illusion.

Real power is to recognize your gifts, ordain them, and share them. Make your ordination a ritual. Light a candle and say, "God, I am going to honor this part of myself as sacred. My sexuality is beautiful and it is a gift I can give to others."

Challenge why you diminish your sexuality and self-worth. Why do you look at the contributions of others and see them as being greater than your own?

It's a tragedy to ignore the divine because you think your sexual gifts are not great enough. The divine comes in humble packages. It's the mustard seed that knocks down the mountain.

Take a look at all the sensual and sexual qualities that you can share. Recognize these qualities as your gifts, and you will recognize a sacred energy. It's pure power.

Maintain clarity with what is illusion and what is true power, and you will recognize what it means to be seductively ordained.


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