Thursday, May 06, 2010

No-Woman Diet

So... the No-Woman Diet, as created and promoted by the Authentic Man Program, has officially started. I've actually been doing this, unofficially, for about two weeks already.

Here's what it's about: Finding clarity and purpose. Awareness, presences, and the quest for freedom. The point is that you do it for a specific period of time -- six weeks -- to cleanse your mind and hone your focus. Just as a detox does for your body. You can't eliminate feminine energy entirely, just like on a detox you don't stop nutrient intake entirely. But you limit it -- increase awareness of it -- then transition into a lifestyle more healthy after the detox period is up.

Stipulations: No sex. No dating. No approaching. No flirting. No Match. No sensual contact. No masturbation. No validation seeking. No forums. No feminine substitutes. No porn. No TV. No music. No alcohol. No drugs. No caffeine. No sugary foods. Etc.

Rewards: A specific reward for doing the NWD, in conjunction with selling/giving away most of my stuff, is that I will go to Europe for three months. I have a strict deadline of June 8th. And I just spent $1200 for the ticket! Anxious and eager at the same time...

Observations, Exceptions, Etc:

Emotional Eating. This is much more under control because I've been dieting for a couple months. I gave up soda, energy drinks, and candy for popsicles and now I've given them up too. I never thought I would like eating frozen bananas. I've been solid with no caffeine, no alcohol, no soda, and extremely limited grains. I bought broccoli today, I believe, for the first time in my life.

Music. During this period, I would normally have gone to 18 shows that are on my radar. I plan on going to only the four most important. At any rate, this will conclude my emulsion into the "Music Capital of the World" that began on April 25, 2007. I'm not listening to music at home like usual. In fact, I am selling all my CDs. I've been listening to talk radio. Especially Coast-to-Coast AM. I'm going to cut that out too because all the "doom and gloom" conspiracy theory shit is really depressing.

Workshops. I've got two students coming in late this month. There will be instruction and approaching involved. The bigger goal is to have most of my possessions cleared out by then so I can focus on giving kick-ass insights and feedback. This is good also because the point of the diet is not to lock yourself indoors and avoid women altogether. However, my immediate focus is the pressing obligation to getting rid of all this stuff.

Project Reset. All my energy is going toward letting go of my possessions. I'm a collector -- a borderline hoarder really. Gotta let it go. Goddamn, I have so much stuff, and it's all been accumulated since 2007. There is a lot of attachment involved. So far: One of the four aquariums is gone. Some of the fish are gone. A few hundred (of thousands) of CDs are gone. Most books are actually gone. I took a box of 70 books to Half Price Books. They offered me $5 for them all. Insane! I took them to another Half Price, and they gave me $12 for half of them. I took the rest to a third Half Price and they gave me $16 for the rest. I took another 30 books today and they gave me $10. I'm getting less that 50 cents each for CDs. I'm noticing that society is media saturated. More people seem to be selling than buying. More people are resetting their lives -- reevaluating where they put their time and attention.

Level Four. I've cleared my phone of all the phone numbers of women. I've just given myself a clean shave. I'm going to go the six weeks without shaving my beard. I'm going to keep shaving my head though because it will be a real bitch to get through at the end of six weeks. Also, I am not going to shower for six weeks. I may rinse off, but soap is definitely a feminine substitute. :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've done something similar years ago - 3 month without any casual interaction with women - after I got immersed in lots of not-so-meaningful sex due to lost mission. It cleared the palate really well and the next woman I met brought on a lot of inner growth for me and for her.

Yet I still always wonder if "fasting/detox" is the best way to go about breaking bad habits. Wouldn't shooting for the equilibrium right away be better? Yet we are just humans...

May 10, 2010  
Blogger bohemian09 said...

Yikes...I kinda felt a little distressed when I read this. I guess that stems from my personal philosophy that extremism in any form is not a healthy place to be. I hope it works for you so you can come back to a peaceful place of moderation. I'll be waiting to hear...

May 12, 2010  

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