Monday, May 24, 2010

Mystic Seduction, an Introduction

"Prayer, seated meditation, walking meditation, guided meditation, fasting, dancing, chanting, physical isolation, living in a community, acquired poverty, self-examination, concentrated study of sacred texts, long periods of silence, guidance by a teacher, a dozen varieties of yoga, sexual excess, sexual abstinence, finding the hidden meaning of numbers, pathless wandering, devoted service to others, institutional obedience -- all are suggested forms of spiritual discipline. And within each of these there are any number of alternative routes.... We are left with an obvious question: So we must do something, but will anything do?" -- James Carse

My stance -- for the record -- is that seduction is a spiritual practice. Seduction, as a disciplined pursuit of higher truth, is every bit as valid as any of the above.

I am not specifically talking about sexual excess or promiscuity. Nor I am talking about the high-self-confidence, low-self-esteem, status-driven, ego-obsessed con-game of 'pick-up.'

What I'm talking about is seduction as the process of enhancing, enriching, and enlivening a person's reality. It's the process of making his or her awareness more intense. It's the process of lowering defenses and awakening senses. Seduction -- as a spiritual practice -- is one of giving. Seduction is a gift.

I call the awareness and practice of giving this gift Mystic Seduction. A 'Mystic' is someone whose perceptions about reality and power differ from those of ordinary people. A 'Mystic Seducer' detaches -- through intuition and practice -- from the idea that seduction is manipulation, used for taking and self-gain. That particular perspective can now be relegated to the mentality and modality of a 'Pick-Up Artist.'

Mystic Seduction does not occur because something external demands it. That's the ego looking for such external means of validation. Mystic Seduction is not of the ego, but of the soul. It is a freely-given gift from the soul.

Marginalizing the ego is the way of entering the soul. Perhaps, it is marginalizing the ego that opens the soul. Mystic Seduction is the practice of a soul-opened individual offering a gift. The magic is in the giving. If a gift is not offered freely, but with an expectation of return, then it is not really a gift -- it's a bribe. Further, if a gift is offered freely and it is not accepted, that does not diminish the act of giving. The intention of the giver does not change based on the reaction of the receiver.

Mystic Seduction comprises many gifts, such as: Sensate awareness, sensual awakening, courageous creativity, exquisite energy, ravishing romance, intimate integrity, arousing authenticity, passionate pleasure, and erotic excellence. Performed with humor and style!

All that, and/or, a Guilt-Free Good Time!

The tag line of Mystic Seduction: "Hypnosis for Your Body. Massage for Your Mind."

The motto of the Mystic Seducer: "Take more risks. Give more gifts."

The sacred truth of Mystic Seduction: "If it FEELS good, it probably IS good -- for the body, for the mind, for the planet, and for the soul."

More to come.

Jason Savage


Blogger Not so Vanilla said...

I've been lucky enough in my life to have received moments of seduction like this...yummy and luscious!

May 25, 2010  
Blogger Aaron said...

Although I normally roll my eyes at the idea of souls, "energy" and other such ethereal constructs, I am struck by how much your general outlook on seduction is so much like my own ideal attitude. The idea that seduction is truly a gift is something very unique within the "seduction community/industry." When other teachers/coaches/gurus echo such sentiment, they often seem to regard it as some sort of afterthought. As if to say, "Oh, by the way, while we're attempting to manipulate a social situation to our advantage, we're simultaneously giving the gift of cock to this lucky, probably drunk girl."

Seduction should be thought of as a gift. However, I disagree that we should not expect something in return. We should. The gift of seduction should be returned to us, in kind. After all, love, seduction, passion and compassion are all infinite resources, therefor, we should all simply give freely.

May 25, 2010  
Blogger bohemian09 said...

Anything less than what you describe is a waste of a woman. Too many men squander that pulsing hollow at the base of a woman's neck, that softly protruding hip bone, that sensitive bend behind her knee...that shapeless body body that is just waiting to be caressed. Their limited vision only allows them to see 4, maybe 5, parts of her...and, they even rush through these as they race toward their own crescendo. Can I send you out on reconnaissance for me, Mr. Savage??? My spiritual divining rod seems to be malfunctioning...

I definitely fit your definition of a "Mystic" that. Although it does get a bit lonely in an increasingly shallow world where the art of savoring is disappearing, I wouldn't have it any other way...

May 28, 2010  

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