Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Self-Date(s)

The first AMP "Wholeness Mission" was to take myself on a date.

I considered a few things. Like a fancy dinner. Here's the thing. I'd almost never take an interpersonal date out on a fancy dinner. I'm doing a specialized diet right now anyway, so no.

I considered going to a movie with/by myself. That's something I've never done. I go to the movies only about once a year -- with a friend/lover and not a date. At any rate, I can't name a single movie out right now. Not interested.

Things like going to a concert or a museum I have no qualms about doing alone. So, no real point. A date for me is about getting to know a girl and giving her an opportunity to get to know me. To connect, to combine energies, to find common ground. That experience IS the date. Nothing fancy, nothing extravagant. I decided that I had to take that perspective here.

Savage: "Hey Jason, want to go kayaking?"
Savage: "Yeah sure."
Savage: "Well, we'll have to act quick to get some sun."
Savage: "Hey, can we look online and find that half-off coupon?"
Savage: "Fuck the coupon, let's go."

So, Monday, I went kayaking. It is immensely popular here on Lake Austin. I've done it once before with a lover. Actually we shared a canoe.

The first thing I realized is that you can't sit in a kayak without getting your ass wet. They're designed that way.

The second thing I realized is that being out on a single-person kayak is actually pretty common. There were a lot of guys out by themselves. (No girls though.)

The third thing I realized is that it is pretty boring. It's okay, I guess. I looked down at the turtles and some pretty big bass and carp. I paddled across the lake. I played around with different paddle techniques. Backwards, high arch, low arch, etc. I tried to see how fast I could paddle 100 strokes. I came back to shore. Meh.

On Tuesday, I called myself for another date. I decided that I wanted to take myself somewhere where I could sunbathe nude. I really wanted to feel sunrays on my ass. I want to tan my taint.

I started heading toward Hippie Hollow. "The only clothing optional public park in Texas." If you don't believe me, there are pictures here: www.hippiehollow.com

It's several miles outside of the city. I had my spidey senses working to find a more private spot. I wasn't in the mood for voyeurism or exhibitionism, I just wanted to feel the sun on my ass. More importantly, I did not want to pay $12 just for the opportunity to be naked in nature.

So, as luck or divine guidance would have it, I found a road that had been built for some emerging industrial park that never happened. I schlepped my blanket out into the weeds and wildflowers and set up camp. Suntan lotion, water, and a book. I got naked and enjoyed the heat of the sun while chasing off spiders and bugs. Besides the birds and some low-flying pilots, no one knew. (Four helicopters did fly by -- or else the same helicopter passed four times.)

I was reading, so laying on my front was much more comfortable that trying to hold the book in the air above my face to block the sun. I must have spent much more time on my stomach than my back. My ass is very very red, while my thighs and groin are still lily white. It feels like I spent an hour with a dominatrix rather than an hour in the sun. Ouch.

I'd call these two dates a success.

I kinda like to see this guy Savage again.


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