Saturday, May 22, 2010


bragging in ironic self-pity
bohemian paradise
too lazy or indifferent
authentic excitement
the best lovers are erotic mentors
sexual illumination
sexuality connects with creation
prudery kills
envy, bewilderment, and titillation
would you like to run this fuck?
pick-up is the easiest part of love
a look is nothing more than hope
fierce independence
nobody knows I'm a lesbian
pleasure and danger
sexual knowledge
erotic inspiration
hungry, ravenous sexual ego
desirability and talents
sexually adventurous
erotic satisfaction is the explicit goal
desire empowered by action
arousal, desire, wetness
express your sexual curiosity to the fullest
erotic enthusiasts
sex pioneers
tenderness, sensuality, and kink
my speculation is certainly erotic

Being a very public and willing sex maniac is original, creative, and courageous.


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