Friday, June 03, 2005

FR: Richmond: nite-game

6/3 Richmond, VA. Had no idea where to go. Cruised around this area that had some art gallery openings. 9PM. The art was really sadly horrible. It is not even worth describing. This was near VCU campus. The spectators were the metrosexual hipsters and a lot of gays and lesbians and older folks. Asked some people where the nightlife was and everyone who wasn’t some dumbfuck-artsnob directed me to an area apparently called Shockoe Bottom. Several miles away. I’d bike it. I stopped in two hotels along the way to check the bars. The second had a huge very well dressed twenty-something crowd. I rolled in for the hell of it and asked a woman what was going on. Wedding. I should have assumed such. We talked a bit about where she and her husband live in Colorado. I tell her that I probably shouldn’t crash the party, but I had no idea where else to go in the city. She said go for it and I asked who was single. I asked her the names of the bride and groom and said I would just play along like I was supposed to be there. I approached the “singles” table and say, “I just got here, what did I miss?” Two girls were receptive and we chatted a bit about Richmond. I told them I knew Richard from the internet and he invited me to come to his wedding if I could make the drive. I apologized for being late and being underdressed. Anyway the noise level was absurd and I felt like I was repeating stupid shit. The bride and groom came down and everyone cheered. I left. This was a warm up. So I headed out for this Shockoe Bottom place. It was all downhill like thirty blocks. I knew I was going to hate the peddling back.

Anyway, it was kind of dead. I “what’s up with your city?” opened a few girls. The convo leads to me being “on a road trip” which never bites in night-game. Need a better story. I went into a dance club that had a $5 cover. I tried to talk the cashier girl into letting me slip through. I asked if I could check it out really quick and come back and decide. To do so, she held my license. The scene was pretty lame. Work-a-day crowd; cock farm. The chicks I did see looked worn down; old, or perhaps not really, but they all looked old. I quickly opened three irregular sets…”I’m here on a preview pass…I have to quickly decide not only if I want to stay here, but if I am willing to pay $5 to stay here.” People apologize and say that usually there are more people. People are on vacation. Hey, I had to pay $5. Etc, etc. I went to another $5 club and did the same thing. Then I went to two free bars…one was a biker bar and one and uppity cracker hangout. I ran a couple social sets and left. Found two other places with $5 covers. I’m thinking Richmond is lame. Should have just gone straight to DC.

But seriously this is like a Wednesday-night-level crowd in Orlando or Atlanta. In either city, you would also not have to pay cover. Even the chicks pay cover in Richmond. It’s about midnight. I approach two girls and a guy on the street. “You guys look fun, where’s the place to be in Richmond?” They tell me to go to the place I was at first and I complain about the lame crowd and the $5 cover. We chat a bit and the cute girl says she knows the doorman and she can get me in. I tell her that he will remember me as the guy who did a walk-thru and left. And he did. He tells me I have to pay like everyone else. I say OK and get in the cashier line. The girls (already paid and stamped) walked through and I followed. I really expected the cashier girl to recognize me and give chase. I guess she didn’t see me. Cool. I actually liked the place much better now that it was *free*. Plus the (younger) crowd was picking up.

This typing shit sucks. I’m coughing like a motherfucker. Anyway…the sum of it all: The cute girl I came in with I ended up making out with and number closing with loose plans to meet the next day. I kiss closed and number closed another girl (who I am certain saw the first makeout/close as I had already opened her and she was watching) with loose plans to go to a museum the next day. We’ll see. Her friend is from Montreal. I told her that that is where I am headed because I hear that the girls there are nice and friendly and genuine. BTW, I opened the other girl I kissed by saying, “Your vibe is amazing! You have an energy that parts the room…All these people are jealous.” I gave her sides a squeeze and continued walking with the other girl. I noticed this one kept watching me afterwards. I danced with her and kissed her and got her number after the other girl left. Oh yeah, after talking about doing something the next day and I pull out my phone for her number, she says…”Don’t you want to know my name?” I said, “I’ll get your name as soon as I call you. What’s the number?” So I left her a fun voicemail and used her name in convo afterwards. The guy the other girls were with was standoffish. I told him I liked his laid-back chilled vibe. Didn’t talk much, but didn’t cockblock either. This girl and I also got approached by a really manly looking woman. Can’t remember what (s)he was talking about, but we had some jokes about female impersonators. There was this chick dancing on the bar. All the AFCs were fixated with her. At some point I was standing beneath her with my back toward her. I told a couple guys, “You want this chick…$300, she’s amazing! She can do the most incredible things with her tongue.” Shit like that. I mention this because there was this one German guy who was not like, “nah-nah” but like “Too much.” So I say, $250. And he starts talking to his friends like they were going to pull together funds or something! Funny. I got AI from this one chick that was not even good looking. Funny thing is, her friend notices her noticing me and gives her a blatant “not him” look complete with the scowled face and the severing hand move under the chin. I didn’t open because the AI girl was not even on my radar (although come to think of it, the gesture girl probably wanted a reaction from me.) Oh well—how do you respond to this completely nonverbal cockblock? I actually get it all the time from girl and guy friends communicating to my target. I just ignore it, but it is so blatant, maybe it deserves to be recognized…

Finally, the bike trip uphill sucked. At one point, some dudes drove buy and yelled, “Hey faggot, the beach is that way!” Or some shit like that. I actually caught up with them at a red light. They yelled some more shit and I jumped off my bike and just let it crash and started walking toward them slowly. One of them was like, “Shit. This dude is crazy, go! Go!” and they ran the red light. I just laughed.


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