Sunday, May 08, 2005

Vibe Cooperation, Not Competition (Natural Game notes)

Assume attraction.
Use personality to make her feel great.
Open direct (including compliments on her beauty).
Body language is congruent with intent.
Move directly to vibing and rapport.
Be playful and get to know her.
Make her feel good with humor.
Vibe is of cooperation, not competition.
Tell fun stories, not stories meant to impress.
Lead the interaction with a continuous flow of action.
Lead smoothly and confidently to escalation, isolation and close.
Create a wonderful experience for the woman.
Give her the fantasy and allow her dreams to come true.
Be the man she’s been waiting for, romantic from the start.
Display emotions, talk about passions, be unpredictable.
Enjoy the anticipation, time is not a factor.
Have a relaxed and relished certainty.
Rock her world and thrill her with masculine vibe.
Only do what you need to do to create a strong impression.


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