Saturday, May 07, 2005

LR: Orlando: Score at the Virgin-MegaStore

This LR (from Saturday) concludes my adventure in Orlando. Hopefully I will have time to also write up another LR, an outing report (with Defixon), and some interesting FU/SPs from the past week. (**The computer lab at this community college is closing early, so these will still be delayed.)

On with the story....

Friday I went to Downtown Disney which is basically a shopping/dinning/entertainment complex right outside Disney World. It's free to park and walk around and window shop. There are clubs and concert venues and theaters and lots of people. Seems mostly like a tourist and teen hangout.

I had met this particular HB from Ohio and we walked about and shared laughs. If making chicks laugh were the goal, I'd be on top of my game. Anyway, she was down here to see a guy friend and we eventually parted ways. But the socializing and connecting was fun.

I went into the Virgin Megastore and did a couple approaches in this high-energy state. Like, "Oh my god, I can't believe they have this CD! This is the best CD ever!" While picking up a lame CD and bugging the target about why she doesn't have it or hasn't heard of it or whatever.

After three of these approaches and no bites, I felt like a jack-ass. Decided to tone it down a bit.

This red-headed cutie comes in and I watch where she goes. She's looking for a particular artist and I can see a tattoo above her ass as she sways down the isle.

I walk up and stand next to her as she is picking up a CD. I pick up a different copy of the same CD and I look at it as if I am reading the track titles or something. She, of course, has noticed me in her proximity and sees that I picked up the same CD.

I turn to face her and say, "Hey, I just thought you were cute, so I wanted to see what CD you picked out. You know, like to see if we had musical taste in common. I'm GoneSavage." I extend my hand for the introduction. She has to switch the CD to her other hand to shake mine, smiles, and she tells me her name. Same name as the other chick I had just been hanging with. Interesting.

I say, "If you had picked out something really lame, I would probably just tease you. But this... this artist (Sarah Brightman) I have never heard of. Tell me about her."

So she tells me about how she has seen her so many times, how she saw the performance that was recorded in Vegas for the live CD, how I should give it a listen, etc. I say, "Cool, lets go find one of those listening stations and I'll check it out." And I take the CD and look for a station to scan it into and she follows me.

All the stations are occupied. I tell her to burn me a "super mega-mix" CD and she laughs and says OK. I ask her questions about where she works (actually in Disney World) and what she does and what she likes about it. One of her jobs is that she is a character -- Ariel, the Little Mermaid! She dresses as a mermaid and has her photo taken with visitors.
She tells me that she is obsessed with this character/movie. I ask if that is what her tattoo is of as well. She says yes.

(I'm thinking about anonymity in LR's. Like how we don't post the HB's names or details that would clue anyone into the specifics of the interaction. Hmm... I think I could leave out specific details, the story would be weak, and if she came across the community, she would still recognize a post about her. With that being said, I think I'll just email this to her. She can check it for accuracy.)

Anyway, she tells me that she is waiting for friends to meet her at the theater next door. I ask about the movie they are going to watch. A guy calls her to let her now he is there. Since her call was brief, and she now has her phone out, I just tell her to type in my number. She does. I tell her to call it. "Right now?"

"Sure, I need to make sure you typed it in right." My phone doesn't ring, and I say, "See..." And she suggests that it is because we are inside the store. We walk out, my phone rings, and I answer and chat (on the phone-while standing right next to her) like we are great friends. (Like, “Hey what’s up, where are you at?…”) She plays along.

She says, "There're my friends." It is a guy and a girl. She makes no move to introduce me.

HB: "So when are we going to hang out?"
GS: "How about tomorrow?"
HB: "Good, that's my day off!"
GS: "How about we meet around lunch time, I have plans later."
HB: "Well, I have to take my dog to the vet in the morning.
But I'll call you around 11:45."
GS: "OK. Nice to meet you. Enjoy your movie. We'll have fun tomorrow..."

(But you'll see that I wasn't congruent to anything above. I forgot she mentioned that she had a dog. I also gave up my night-game sarging to be with her. It was worth it.)

Day 2

She did not call at 11:45. BUT she DID call at 7:45PM. I didn't even bring it up. We had no solid plans so it wasn't like a flake. It was her idea to call me, whatever, no big deal either way. I wasn't needy or dependent on an outcome. Actually, I thought it was cool that she called at all. It's ON!

I'm just casual like, "Oh hey, good to hear from you, how was your day?"

I tell her that I am at this cool park. I walked the nature trail and saw alligators, tons of birds, and even an osprey swoop down and take a baby coot (its like a duck) off the water. (True.) So I am introducing themes of raw animalistic predation; kill or be killed. Hahaha… Maybe this is a DHV that would present me as observant, interested in nature, intelligent, etc etc. Then again, I was just relating my day.

But I also deliberately mentioned the ball fields and the like six games that were going on and all the people that were there. So she wouldn't think I was deliberately luring her to an isolated area.
I asked her if she had heard of the place. Nope. What's really interesting is that I tell her the road it is on and she's like, "I live off that road!" Quite a coincidence as this is a big city and this area is not that close to where she works. It’s ON!

Of course I tease her for living near this park and having never checked it out.

I invite her to come by and I remind her of all the people walking their dogs, etc. I ask her if she has a dog (silly of me because I did not remember her mentioning the vet visit—but she does not call me on it either) and I tell her to bring her dog along (I also then realized that I might have just complicated the logistics of closing.) But I wanted her to be comfortable to come here. She says okay. I look at this map I have (the reason I know about the park) and give her directions.

When she shows up, I'm reading a book. I wait until she is out of the car with the dog, etc, before I close the book and greet her.

I actually have to greet the dog first because it's yapping at me. It's a little Chihuahua. (Sorry hon, your dog is not as cute as I led you to believe.)

I give her a hug and I tell her about the sunset she just missed. How beautiful it was. And how it lit up the city's one skyscraper in the distance. How all sunsets are unique and she missed a really great one. Etc. etc.

I'm taking on this romantic frame, which some may find counterproductive to getting an ONS. But everything has been a "green light" so far and I still have to introduce the road trip and the fact that I am leaving in two days.

I lead her on a walk and we talk about her dog and the wildlife (maybe a DHV of intelligence, but it didn't really capture her attention).

She asks, "Do you always go up to random strangers and start talking to them?"

I said, "Yes...I mean you have to remember that every friend you now have was once a stranger. And because you opened up and allowed them inside, you found ways that they could enhance or enrich your life. I used to be fiercely independent, but I realized that to meet people that you really could connect with, you had to step outside the comfortable and take chances and just start talking. Don't you agree?"

She agreed. She asked about the book I was reading. I tell her it is about living in the moment and how the present moment is all we ever have. How we have to make NOW the focus of our lives. How we have to accept and embrace whatever is right in front of us.

And I tell her about the road trip and that I was unsatisfied with where I was at and that I wanted to see and be and do more. So I hit the road. She seemed interested. I told her how the van is just a practical and comfortable way to allow me to be wherever. I was generally pretty light on the C&F, but I did say, "Play your cards right, and maybe I'll give you a tour."

Then I said, "But I have to give you the trust test." (This is a small piece of TECH that I picked up on mASF lately.) If there is any objective truth to the trust test, she passed 100%. I said, wow perfect score I like that, and then I explained each step to her. Which meant we got to do it again.

So we just keep playing with the dog and talking and Defixon calls. (Sorry we couldn't hang and you were house-ridden. Hope nothing is terminal with your car!) I take the call, tell him that I am hanging with my "new best friend" (she laughs), that I am stealing her dog, and I remind him that I am leaving soon, like maybe the next day. Mostly to reinforce that point with this girl. So it was a bit of social proof and allowed me to prove congruence to the road trip story. Thanks bro.

So our walk was no more than an hour. I also teased her about her job and used that as callback humor. Like saying, "There you are in Fantasyland again.” Or when she called the lake/swamp/marsh a "mote" I was like, "Mote? Listen to you! You think you've got this fantastic castle surrounded by a mote and your own wizard who put a spell on Prince Charming for you!" She loved this stuff. Fun girl.

I also teased her about the Ariel "shrine" that she described her apartment as being. With all this merchandise and memorabilia from The Little Mermaid. I mean she came to Orlando and became “the little mermaid” because of this obsession she has had since childhood. (Seems odd, but look at the obsessions in the community.)

I asked her if her bed was in a big scallop shell and if there were pearls and treasure chests all around. This was funny and it led to talking about Fantasy Suites. Which are hotel chains in NV and CA where you can rent the Jungle Room and the Space Room and the Underwater Room and shit.

When we got back to the cars, I just said, "I have to see this Ariel Shrine; I just hope you don't have the soundtrack playing continuously." She says, "Ok, follow me..."

So, it's ON! I was intentionally holding off the kiss close. Relaxed and relished certainty. We connected some more at her house. She gave me the tour and I pilfered through the fridge and the cabinets. Concerning the obscene amount of mermaid stuff, I teased her on some items and complimented her on a couple. I got her to sing a song from the movie. ("I'll do something really sweet and affectionate if you sing for me.") I got some more value points (like I needed them—It’s ON!) by knowing of this performance she was part of in North Carolina call The Last Colony. ("No one ever knows what THAT is!") Another value point by suggesting that she go to Weeki Wachee Springs -- the last attraction with live underwater mermaid shows. ("Yes, I love that place!")

As we were sitting on the couch together, with her little dog, I told her to cover the dog's eyes. Why? I smiled and said, "Because the little fucker keeps looking at me. And I'm about to kiss you. This should be a private moment." Great kiss. Then I joked around about a threesome with this dog because it wouldn't leave us alone. Then I made out with the dog. Fun times.

Also, I started with the "hijacked my brain" campaign. Saying things like: "You make me feel strange inside." "Don't look at me like that, it’s turning me on. Stop." "I feel like you've put a spell on me."

GS: "You seem so real and genuine, what's your catch. What's your secret."
HB: "No secret. What's yours?"
GS: "I'm gay. I shouldn't be feeling this way for you."
GS: laugh and kiss

So, I'm trying to minimize the possibility of LMR as we are making out. She pushed my hand away from the golden zone once. I stopped myself more times than she stopped me. I almost took it too far. Really.

I said, "we should stop" and she pulled me up and toward the door! OK. I made two steps toward the door, turned, grabbed her, held her face, and kissed her again.

GS: "Do you believe in fairytale romance?"
HB: shakes head yes
GS: "Do you want that with me?"
HB: shakes head yes
GS: wall-slam-make-out-hand-down-pants-session

I led her to her bedroom, lit a candle, and put her in Fantasyland. Kept her there for hours.

Kept thinking about having sex with an actual mermaid. You know, like, how do you get to it when there are no legs to spread? Does she lie there like a fish out of water or flip around a lot? Does she smell like fish?

Love life.

The next day we got together and made dinner and I got to do laundry and take a shower. Ahhhhh…. I’m starting to think that, in my road-trip-reality, sex is just another shit-test that I have to pass to get cleaned and fed….


Blogger Design said...

I love it, man. Of course, you've now earned the nickname: Fish Fucker.

May 11, 2005  
Blogger Frankenhammer said...

Awesome. Some fun stuff in there, and I like your escalation and turnaround at the door. Looooove that "stop...take away what you're doing...look at her...go primal lover man on her" thing.



May 11, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bitch! I hear there is a lot of promiscuity among Disney characters.

June 03, 2005  

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