Saturday, May 21, 2005

Lust is Not a Battle or a Conquest (GWM notes)

I've been introduced to GWM(2-3) Here are some notes:

Women love sex. The natural man knows that the desire for sex is there and will act upon it for mutual gratification. Sex is a natural thing that happens between a man and a woman. It is not a battle or a conquest. It is animal lust.

Think like a MAN and an adult, not something weak or helpless.

Don't look for trouble, but don’t avoid it either.

Don’t take shit from anyone with a smile. Don’t grin and bear it, just bear it.

Your sexual state and testosterone will drive your aggression and persistence in mating and competition with other men.

Have male masculine role models. Like Arnold in the Predator.

Biologically men and women are very much alike.

Move confidently. Look people in the eye and do not break contact. Touch a woman when it feels right. Stand close to her. Talk in a calm sexy voice. Party hard. Let loose.

Don’t verbalize sexual things. Be a subtle sexy man and don’t use lewd behavior or pick up lines.

GWM clubs
Busy tonight! What are you drinking?
Why are you wearing that in here?
Did you notice ….
Do you come here often? (tongue in cheek) shoot a look like “just kidding what a pick up line….”
You from these parts, where are your friends?
Hey, me and my friends are having this after party deal, you should follow us…
We didn’t get much of a chance to get to know each other and party, let’s hit my place and have some drinks and listen to some tunes.

Implicit direct = neutral with shared pretenses?


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