Friday, May 20, 2005

I'm a Migrant Sex Worker

If you can tell me what these distinctions mean and why I would bother to write them down, let me know….

I’m here on business.
I’m here visiting friends/family.
I just moved here.
I am thinking about moving here.
I’m here for x (attraction/event).
I’m on a road trip (passing through).
I’m here on vacation.
I’m searching for something.
I’m running from something.
I’m a local resident.

I’m in search of my soul-mate.
I’m in search of variety.
I’m in search of myself.
I’m in search of my soul-city or dream job.
I’m a travel writer/photographer.
I’m here for volunteer work.
I’m starting over/turning a new leaf.
I’m a wanderer/drifter/vagabond.
I’m running from the law/press/parents.
I’m a migrant sex worker.


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