Thursday, May 19, 2005

The Saga Continues....

It’s pretty simple when you think about it, and don’t think too much about it. Think of all the great stories you’ve read and movies you’ve seen. We’re talking “epics” here. I bet they all follow one of or both of these two basic themes. Two basic plots. Let’s call them uber-plots:

1) Man leaves behind all that is known and familiar and set out on a journey to find himself or change things.

2) Stranger comes into town and shakes things up, changing what is known and familiar.

1 is my story. 2 is hers. The challenge is 1) having enough varied and meaningful interactions to feel like I am learning and growing and 2) convincing her that I am the “perfect stranger” capable of rocking her world—giving her the emotional and sexual connection that she has dreamed of (and then some)—and memories that she will cherish forever.


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