Monday, June 06, 2005

FR: DC D1: Befriending a Belarusian Babe

6/6. First day in DC. I hadn’t left my girl in Richmond until about 5AM. Drove up 95 until I reached King’s Dominion exit and slept for a couple hours. Phone was dead and I couldn’t locate the charger. So I had to make sure that I got up the first time I woke up in order to arrive in DC and find this particular place by 2PM. Got up at 10, cleaned up, and rolled into DC around noon. I was feeling an intense energy when I saw the Washington Monument and started to realize how enormous the city is. Like Atlanta, you hit the metro when the sign still says 12 miles to the city. My energy was heightened when I got off the interstate and started noticing many beautiful women in transit. Then it took me an hour to find the area I needed to be in and find a suitable parking place. Absolutely drenched with seat, I changed my t-shirt and biked down to George Washington University. Found it. Called up the guy from the community who was actually coming from Baltimore to meet up. He picked the location, as this is his school. Well, he had a strange commitment and opted to back out. I forgive. We chatted a bit and I was on my own.

Naturally I don’t waste time to start making friends. My abbreviated convo threads were basically like this: You look nice/fun/high energy. I’m scheduled to meet a friend here tomorrow, but I came a day early to check out the city. So I’m on my own. Looking for fun/creative/exciting/interesting people. Looking for an adventure. Looking for the “seedy underbelly” of DC rather than the tourist spots. Then usually talked about my drive up and cities I stopped in and my impressions. Like how some people in certain cities are really rude/standoffish/cliquish. But you seem genuine/real/passionate. Rapport convo about her studies and interests and time in the city, etc, etc. Also a funny line about how they wouldn’t let me in the library as a visitor or trouble parking or something else.

Had about ten interactions on campus. In general, they were pretty positive. I just couldn’t transition any into an intstadate because they had classes and such. Gave three my number with loose plans to get together for nightlife. Some others gave me nightlife tips that I have forgotten. But there was one SOLID interaction where I really thought she’d call (but she did not). She was suggesting that she would sneak me into the rec center and she was telling me about her friends that were throwing a party and other green light shit. Said she’d definitely call and we’d hang later. Anyway, I had her call my number to make sure she had it right. So this effectively reversed the frame (a small degree) and she then knew that I had her number. So, at that point, she might have decided it my role to initiate contact. Who knows. I don’t think too much about these things. The flighty lives of college girls.

Anyway, I left campus and biked down to the White House area and talked to a few girls and was just having fun biking about getting a feel for the city. Tried to open while still on the bike for the first time. She kept walking. I’m in jeans and a sweaty t-shirt and ballcap on a rusty bike – in an area with beautiful women in business suits with photo laminates on them. Figure I’ll put on a suit tomorrow and see if I can get an in with this crowd. Good times. Started realizing how dead-to-the-world tired these people look from walking all day and the oppressive heat. Start to think that maybe this is a good place for “evening game.”

Biked the other way and found myself in Georgetown. Which I though was going to be another campus scene. Found out its basically a bunch of historic building filled with upper class bullshit consumer goods. I’m trying to figure out how this classic legitimate historic district became some outdoor/indoor mall. Stopped that chain of thought and started chasing ass. Opened a couple girls on the street and a couple in stores. The area is teeming with beautiful women. The problem for me with this kind of HB density is that I am quick to give up the convo and not make SOIs. After all, there is another HB right around the corner….

Then I see HER – stunningly gorgeous blonde. Like absolutely breathtaking. Amazing body. She’s like 5’8. (In the 3 inch open toed platform shoes she’s noticeably taller than me.) Gorgeous wavy hair and incredible blue eyes that fucking sparkle in the distance. High arched eyebrows and full lips. She honestly walks with poise and dignity and a certain sophistication that you rarely ever see. She’s wearing white shoes and a white dress that instead of conforming to her body actually hangs loose but is sheer enough to see her tight body right through. I could go on and on. I hesitate to call anyone a perfect ten. But this girl is damn near close. And this is not even my biological type! I prefer fit brunettes that are like 5’4 or shorter. But this is the kind of girl that captures you attention and stirs your reality in such a way that you’d kick yourself for a week if you didn’t at least SAY SOMETHING.

I have been typing for exactly ONE HOUR and I have just now introduced the woman of the night. Typing sucks, but I am making an enhanced effort to document my days.

Anyway, I had just walked out of this book store. I stood still and looked about when I saw her coming from the right and walking past me into the bookstore. I did not risk EC but pivoted left, waited a few second and went back into the bookstore. I watched her and notice absolutely everyone she walked past, guys and girls, checked her out. Gorgeous fair skinned blonde in white that seems to float when she walks. She floated straight to customer service and was really close to a girl that I had just talked to who was quite ICY toward me. Then I notice the security guard (in black sunglasses no less) hovering around me. Fuck, he’s been watching me in here chatting up girls and he know I have my eye (like everyone) else on this bombshell. Now I have a fucking audience of at lease two people. I circle to the back of the store for her not to notice me yet and wait for her to finish at the service desk and walk away from the Ice Queen. Then, to my fortune, she walks away and toward the exit. Like she asked if they had a book and since they did not, no point sticking around. Sweet. I let her exit and quickly follow, winking and smiling at the security guard on the way out.

So she pivots left and I quicken my pace to put myself right beside her on her left. I glance at her and say “hey” with a smile then look forward and keep pace with her for about five seconds before I say anything else. She did not return the “hey” but I know she looked at me. I said slowly “Listen, you walked past me a second ago, and I had to catch up with you to tell you something.” I stop (walking) and she does too and I say, “I love… your vibe. You have an amazing energy about you, you walk very confidently. I had to take a chance to meet you.” I extend my hand for an introduction and she tells me her name and I get the accent. I’m starring in these intense blue eyes (not contacts) and I’m thinking Sweden? Norway? I don’t risk a guess and just ask, slowly and confidently, where she is from. “Belarus, it is a small country in Europe near Russia.” I smile really big and say, “Perfect! Because I LOVE Russian girls.” (Note: on this trip I have had “encounters” with two beautiful Russian girls, as well as a girl from Turkmenistan and one from Kazakhstan. Gorgeous girls.) Anyway, I turn away and start walking and she’s walking with me and I say, “Guess how long I have been in DC.” She says, “I dunno.” And I say “About… 4 hours! How long have you been here?” She says 4 days. (Uh-oh.) I make some comment about us having 4 in common and I decide to continue the compliment I made earlier and say, “You seem very elegant, I like your energy.” I smile and she smiles and our trend of communication begins. “What is this, what is elegant.”

Basically: I talk about something. She picks out the key word and asks me what it means. I break it down to the bare root essence and explain to her, using lots of examples and metaphors. She apologizes for not knowing English well. I actually LOVE this kind of communication. For one thing, it puts an emphasis on non-verbal communication; smiling, gestures, kino, etc. Second, it allows me to think about common words and concepts that we take for granted and reduce them to a really simplistic level. Some words that I remember explaining and conveying during our time together: passion, trust, optimism, envy, erotic, effort, anticipation. A few I think she already had (since she didn’t ask for explanation): fun, excitement, adventure, connection, imagination, romance, beauty, sexy.

So we kept walking and I asked a lot of question about her. Like stuff about Belarus and Russia. Favorite foods (Italian and Japanese), fruit (strawberries), candy (white chocolate), American movie (Eyes Wide Shut – led to “erotic” noted above), hobbies (dancing, yoga), studies (“psychologicals”—but she is not in school here), living situation (in an apartment with one guy and two girls from Belarus.) Of course she asked me the same things. I find out she has no cell phone. She is twenty (no vodka in America). She’s an only child. It’s a funny thing that I remember these things. If I go this route with American girls, I *never* remember their answers. I’ve also had her teach me words in Russian (that I can never quite pronounce). But the reverse teacher frame is good to throw in. I also make reference to my Russian and Turkmen lovers a couple times.

I have to start shortening this.

Anyway we walked across the bridge from Georgetown into Virginia. We also sat by a fountain and talked for awhile. Rapport was pretty strong. Body language was great and I had her laughing often. She says I am funny. I take the lead in walking and in the conversation. I get her to dip into a few stores with me to demonstrate my lead and start new convo topics based on stuff in the stores. As far as walking, I have no idea where I am going. It was a blind leading the blind scenario. (Had to explain that too.) In the Metro I’m suggesting that I cook for her. And her roommates of course. I know that they are going to have a great influence on her and how she perceives me. So I want to get in good with them. Of course I have to explain “groceries” and “pots and pans.” So I’m selling myself as a great cook. I can introduce her to new cuisine (which is a word she had used on her own.) But no, no she is a guest and it would be wrong to have me over. I say, “Great we’ll walk back to Georgetown and find my car and go to a restaurant!” There’s a little hesitation and she tells me she has been walking since 8AM. I tell her I will give her a piggy-back and she needs an explanation. I say, well I have to show you and I pick her up and she’s laughing and shrieking to be put down. It was a bold move because in my experience these Eastern European girls are very much anti-PDA. Then I grab her hand and head off out of the Metro station.

Now the sky is grey. We walk back across the bridge and I show her different ways to hold hands and what they mean and she’s cool with hand holding. Absolutely everyone we pass is checking her out (and wondering why she is with this short dude in a ballcap and sweaty t-shirt.) I asked her if she likes attention and if she likes when guys stare at her. I have to explain a few things but she says, “Men do not look at me. I am not pretty. I am shy.” Are you kidding!?! Yeah, she was kidding.

ANYWAY, it starts sprinkling and I have no idea where I parked. Her sheer white dress is getting wet an attracting even more attention. It’s dark. Places are closed. I’m loosing buying temperature FAST. (I explain what it means to be optimistic.) I have no idea where I parked. It is certainly NOT in Georgetown, as I BIKED into Georgetown. So we are wandering around and we get this shitty map from a hotel. No help, as I actually had NO idea where I parked. It starts POURING, I decide to save face and suck it up and get a fucking TAXI. With some guesswork and my memory of landmarks, we finally find the van. My bike is still somewhere in Georgetown right now.

I had no idea where to go to eat. It’s pouring and we drove downtown and found a little Italian place. We get a small cheese pizza. This marks the first time in this trip that I have bought dinner for a woman. She ate one slice, so it probably doesn’t count anyway.
I suggest she use my phone to call her roommates. So they don’t worry about her. I lay off the questions now and she actually initiates conversation asking me about my dreams and travel and music and family, etc. She asks if I smoke. Neither of us do. I also called Dimitri in NC. He called me back and I told him the situation and asked him to say something to her in Russian. He said that he told her to “not take advantage of me.” Social proof.

It stops raining. I give her a jacket. Then we walk to the white house and she’s dry and cheerful. I get more bold with kino. Putting my arm fully around her waste, trying to tickle her, slap/pinch her butt. I tell her to massage my hand and shoulders. I go for the kiss and she tells me that she can’t because she has a boyfriend (back home). She’s here for four months and I explain that I will be a temporary boyfriend. No, no. I tell her she could never be my GF anyway because I have all these test that she’d have to past. Etc, etc. Verbal stuff is remarkably unimportant because it just means I have to explain things and she apologizes for not knowing. I do some future pacing about us going on trips and learning things together and going to museums and such. She smiles. I go for the kiss again and I am denied. I tell her I know 537 different types of kisses from all cultures and places. So I kiss her nose and ears and neck. Just fun closed mouth stuff. I get her comfortable kissing my cheek and then doing “sideways” kisses with the sides of our mouths touching. It starts to rain again. Luckily I noted where I had parked and I carried a map. So we made it to the van at eleven.

What followed became a bit of a frustration. The rain was horrible. Couldn’t see road signs. Roads had standing water perhaps a foot deep or so in many places. I didn’t know anything about the city. She only knows how to get to her apartment from the Metro. I compared her little metro map with my DC map and her stop is off the range of the map. So all I knew to do was go west until we ran off the map and look for a road or something near the Metro line that was named the stop she lived near. We kept driving and driving and nothing looked familiar to her. We stop for directions and it turns out that the Metro stops are names of different cities! She lives many miles outside of DC in Virginia. The rain is horrible. Lots of wrong turn and she still recognizes nothing.

I tell her that it is unsafe to drive in such weather. We need to stop or we are going to get electrocuted or something. She looks sad and tells me, “one more try.” I’m calm and tell her that we are tired and frustrated and it is late and the rain is preventing us from finding the place and we should just get a hotel room. She is reluctant. One more try. I say okay, but you have to kiss me and you have to dance for me. Finally, she agrees. Tomorrow. I have to explain what a “promise” means. Good times. We finally find her place and she’s cheerful again. We agree that we had a “crazy” adventure and it was fun and we would see each other again.

Holy shit! I have been typing for 2 hours and 45 minutes. The hotel has just been flooded with like 100 middle school age kids. Loud-ass brats. Wait a sec… maybe they are in high school…. Gotta go. GoneSavage


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