Friday, April 22, 2005

My Mom Says I'm a Great Catch! (I Play With Bugs)

I’m at this state park near Gainesville, FL. Absolutely no one is here. I’m just sitting here feeling the breeze and the sun-rays and listening to the birds and insects and smelling the earth and the vegetation. It’s beautiful. There’s a brightly colored damselfly inches from me. It is stealthily waiting for its prey; yet the unmoving insect keeps catching my attention instead. I walked a short trail earlier. In one small hike I encountered copperheads, alligators, hawks, deer, and wild turkey. I enjoy watching wildlife.

But here I sit examining myself and my “game.”

And I wonder. I mean, really I struggle to understand, why do I like isolation? Why am I so fiercely independent? Why am I such a drifter? And if I must get all introspective, why can’t I, say, go to a mall or a bookstore or a library and write this stuff? Around people…

A huge read-headed woodpecker just darted though the woods and perched on a tree not far from where I am sitting now. To me, that is pretty cool. I sat down to think and write about my sticking points. The place I chose to do this thinking might reveal another.

Nature is cool. Wildlife is awesome. I’m drawn to the various distinct environments around us. There’s so much to see and experience.

I was reading about the subtle nuances of body language that women can pick up on. Stuff we, as men, are almost never aware – imperceptible, unnoticeable.

It’s like that with me and nature. You can come on a hike or a walkabout with me and I guarantee that I can show you things that you otherwise would never have noticed. Hey, check this out…. And I’d show you something that you’d just stepped over or something outside your normal range of perception. Maybe you’d think it cool, maybe not.

I guess people who are inclined to spend a lot of time outdoors, alone, are their own brand of nerd. Everybody is somebody’s weirdo, right?

I guess it comes down to familiarity and upbringing, environment and cultural influences. I clearly have spent way too much time in parks and nature preserves and not enough time in bars and clubs. Right? I’ve spent way too much time around birds and insects and not enough time around alpha males and hot women. Right?

Ultimately my goal is to integrate my love for women and seduction with my love of travel, nature, and adventure. It’s all related. It’s all about passion. The ideal tour would allow me to meet women for companionship, connection, and intimacy. Together we will explore and experience “nature” in all its miraculous forms. I know it can be done.

I know I have a lot to offer. I am adventurous, creative, intense, intelligent, have a romantic nature, a great outlook on life, and I’m exciting to hang with. Plus I am absolutely incredible in bed. These are not affirmations, these are facts!


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