Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The Great PUA Road-Trip part II

Part II of what’s looking like some kind of Roadside Romeo Manifesto. This post is to provide a little background information and road-trip logistical information.

The great PUA ROAD-TRIP will begin around Atlanta and move north at an undetermined pace through the states of the east coast. I’m looking forward to meeting any PUAs or ASF members that are sensible enough to invite me to hang. Please email me at : gonesavage@yahoo.com and we’ll coordinate the rest by phone.

Back in 2000-01 I was an active PUA and member of the community. I made several posts under the name GoneSavage to Cliff’s amazing seduction list. In that time, David D (Sisonpyh) made his first revelations before he had any kind of guru status. This was around the time Mystery introduced us to Group Theory. Hot stuff. I ate it up and was in the field five or six nights a week. The learning and discovery and transformations were incredible. I was having a blast and I put so many notches on my belt. I had power, I had choice, I had confidence. And I had women. Lots of women.

Then, as things go, I met her. It seems when we really get the hang of it we either go for the LTR, or we start creating products and holding workshops. ;) She became my best friend and it felt natural and wonderful. I can’t convey this. I enjoyed my time with this one woman more than all the time I spent in the game. Either you have been there or you haven’t. About three and a half years. No regret. No mistake.

Anyway, it’s over. I’m back and I’m on the road. Hide your sisters and daughters. GoneSavage, the twenty-six year old Freelance Flirt and Foreplay Gourmet is back in the game.

To get to Montreal on my non-existent budget, I’m auto-camping. My definition of auto-camping is “living in the world, but sleeping in your vehicle.” It’s more comfortable than you’d think. And it allows me to be anywhere. I’m just getting this part of my reality out in the open. So if I tell you I’m staying at the Marriot, I actually mean the parking lot.

Anyway, my next post will be one of ACTION. Drop me an email as the Casanova Caravan may be coming to your town. Atlanta to Montreal, along the Atlantic coast, now till July.


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