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LR: Florida: Banging a Bookstore Babe

4/23. It's very interesting that the things I took the time to clarify and write down for myself yesterday (in journal-not posted), manifested the very next day. Specifically the fact that I wanted to connect with a woman for intimacy and then treat her to my companionship in a park or natural setting. Life is great.

This post details a rewarding SDL (same day lay) that made use of the following:
--relaxed and relished certainty of all desired outcomes
--demonstrating high value, verbalizing low value
--situational opening, using spontaneous situational props
--being cocky and funny, teasing
--genuine rapport, sharing, and comfort building
--being honest and upfront about the road-trip
--venue changing
--avoiding LMR
--etc, etc

After a full Saturday of retail PU (specialty stores, department stores, grocery stores, streets and parking lots, everything but a 'mall'), I was stoked and ready for college-town-Saturday-night-life.

Being homeless, I have to go to public bathrooms to do stuff like wash my face, shave, fix my hair, etc etc. It was already after 10pm, and about the only thing open with a semi-private somewhat-clean bathroom was a large chain retail bookstore. So I roll into the bathroom, shit, and clean up a bit. I was going to go back to the van and change from a t-shirt to one with buttons and a collar before I hit the town. But I didn't get that chance.

I come out and wonder what kind of girl would be in a bookstore on a Saturday night. And there she was. Cute, big dark eyes, dark hair, about 5-4, solid 7.5. Of course she's in the self-help section. It's ON!

I've done about fifty or so high-energy approaches today. With mixed results; but mostly positive in some way. Put in like nine hours, and was feeling good, but READY for nightlife. I had about five SOLID interactions that were so ON they really deserve their own post.

So here's this cutie. I roll up standing right across from her on the other side of the book shelf. Only our eyes and the tops of our heads can be seen to one another. Nowadays, I usually just say the first thing that comes to my head, like something fun/funny/imaginitive that is situational or a mild compliment.

So I just say, "Hey....Why are you in the self-help section? Are you as messed-up as me?"

Sounds corney -- and it is. But I have a sly smile and I deliver it slowly and deliberately and directly and squint my eyelids and smile really big at the end.

She gives me a bright-eyed stare, drops her jaw, smiles, and finally says, "I can't believe you said that!" I maintain EC and keep smiling until I soak in this whole reaction. Immediately, she starts rationalizing and saying, "I don't need help! I just...Uh...I don't hang out in bookstores on Saturday night!' Etc, etc. By now I walk to her side of the shelf and I pick up a book near her, read the title aloud and picked a page a read a passage outloud. I say, "Uh, boring...good luck." I smile at her and walk off, one isle away to "Sexuality."

She doen't follow but she's one isle away and I pick up this sex book with great nude photos and I open it up and hold it over the shelf at her and say, "Look at this smut, can you believe they sell this stuff here?" I put that one down and picked up a different one and look all interested and I say, "People keep telling me about sex. I figured I should try it. I have no idea where to begin. I hope its something you can do by yourself. WTF, all these pictures have two people. So sad... " No EC with her, just looking at the book, like I'm a super-clueless virgin. I look over the bookshelf at her and say, "This self-help stuff is no good, meet me over in Travel."

I head over and I think she came a bit closer and I say, "Where would you go if money weren't an issue." She says Austraulia. She's in the section with me now. I say cool and start looking for a book. She has some more laughs when I keep looking in the wrong sections. She's like, "No, that's Europe." "No, that's Latin America." I pick up an Australia book and I flip through it and say, "No pictures... I really can't read very well." And I put it back. Actually, at this point, I lay off the direct EC and direct BL. She's chasing.

I asked her the furthest she's been from home. She starts naming all these places...Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Hawaii, etc, etc.

GS: Well, have you ever been to [park in town]?
HB: No.
GS: Are you kidding? It's like ten miles away. It's SO cool! I can't understand people who travel all over searching, when there's beautiful and amazing things right in front of them! (This is a bit of a challenge). So how can you afford to go to all these places anyway?
HB: Well, most people would say I am a spoiled brat.
GS: But YOU would say....
HB: I would just say I'm not independently wealthy.
GS: So you are DE-pendently wealthy, in other words...a spoiled brat!
GS: At lest now we know, when we go out, who'll be paying... your parents!
HB: [laughs]

Then we began CONNECTING by actually talking about our travels. I talked about my trips out west and hikes through the desert and national parks and she talked about the Carribean and beaches, etc. I use descriptive languaging and allude to my adventurous, spontaneous, and exciting life. I introduce that I am currently on a road trip and we talk about things to see in different parts of Florida. Found out she is 20 and what she studies in school. I asked her about her hobbies and if she can cook. Found out she has her own place.

HB: So how long are you in town?
GS: Just the weekend, I was about to go downtown and see what kind of adventure I might find.
HB: Oh, so why are you in here?
GS: Honestly...I had to take a shit and it's the only place open. Then I saw you looking for some self-help so I decided to help myself. Just kidding.
HB: You're so bad! Do you always come to bookstores to meet women?
GS: I wish I knew how to meet women! I'm terribly shy.
HB: Yeah you strike me as being really shy!

Finally, she asked my name and I said I would tell her if I could glance in her purse. I told her I didn't want to rummage through it just have a peek. She quickly looked through it herself then said okay. She kept her wallet and some little notebook. Absolutely nothing interesting. But as I was looking in her purse, she started looking in her wallet. "Oh look, I have a gift certificate for a free pizza at X...." She said it in a low tone, as if speaking only to herself.

So, I tease her again about being in the bookstore on a Saturday night and she teases in turn. I walk her back to the Self-Help section and I grab a couple books. Ironically, in the first book, upon the page I opened to, it was advising that to get over a break-up or something, you should take yourself on a date. It was really funny because it said to go to a bookstore or cafe or the beach alone. I teased her about doing this stuff because it all seemed to be describing her or the stuff she talked about. Then, it advised going out to eat somewhere nice by yourself and writing yourself a thank-you note and sending yourself flowers the next day. We CONNECTED by both making fun of how terribly lame you would have to be to follow this advice. Of course, I DO send myself flowers often and I write myself a thank-you note every time I masturbate.

I said, "Hey let's go sit down." The other book I grabbed sealed the deal. This shit was so funny. I picked up How to Succeed With Women by Ron Lewis and David Copeland. I was reading her some of the advice. She had something clever to say about each entry. My favorite was this list of things to do before a date. It was a huge list of shit like: shower, brush teeth, clean car, prepare questions, etc, etc. I'm reading it like...didn't do that, didn't do that, definitely didn't do that. It was really funny because I had actually NOT done any of that stuff. Especially all the hygeine/appearance stuff. I really should go back and copy down the list.

We were also reading the stuff to do on the date like "looking in her eyes a little too long" and complimenting her. So I did these things in really misconstrude ways. The book is like "touch her three times." And I'm like, I guess they mean like this...and I pinch her or squeeze her of something. Maybe they mean...and I do some other barely-intrusive kino. If it said to ask her something like, what's romantic for you, I would just read the question and then turn to her and ask her. Good times. We had some genuine CONNECTION when we read advice like carrying a hand-puppet to get the attention of women, etc. WFT, right? Anyway the book was a great spontaneous way to help us connect. I know it sounds like I had her from the start, but as we sat there looking at this book, making fun of the advice, and still trying it out, her physiology and demeanor completely opened up. Thank you Ron and David.

We had been in the store about 45 minutes and they were announcing the 15-minutes-till-closing. I pulled the trump card I had been saving, "Let's go get that pizza." We walk outside and I ask where she is parked, to indicate that she'd drive. While we are at her car she's says, how do I know your're not a serial killer? I say, how do I know you're not? As she drives, we just talk a bit about the city and music, and my trip.

By the time we get to the restaraunt, it's eleven. I say they look closed. Are you sure? They definiely look closed. Let's cook something. Ok. It's really late for dinner. I'm actually thinking that maybe we'll get the food to cook and just cook it the next day. We decide on stir-fry. She buys the stuff. Good times.

Here's another VLV/DHV thing for me. I like to qualify girls to see if they can/will/like to cook. Because I cannot. Then, after they buy the food, I end up cooking. And I describe what I am doing like I'm some kind of chef. I really am killer in the kitchen. At least with a microwave.

So I cook, she talks about this music system she hasand gives me a tour of the house. Relaxed and relished certainty. I never even went for the kiss. Kino was like really minimal. Honestly, I'm really just excited to be having a real meal on a plate with some silver ware. And I cooked it. Hell yeah, life is good.

After we eat and play with her two pups and just talk and bond. I lead her to the bedroom. We kiss. Very nice and passionate. I touch all over outside her clothes her an let the anticipation build. I'm getting no resistence. I suspect I will eventually if I don't make some up. So I freeze myself and say. "We should stop. We're moving to fast." She says OK.

I'm sitting there holding her wondering if I really should. Like what if I feel used in the morning? I don't want her to think I'm a slut, you know? She says, "I want you to stay. I can make you a spot on the couch if you like." I say, "That would be nice. I'm worried about my car. I don't want it to get towed." She says, "I don't think they'll tow it," etc. I say, "How about we go get it, just to be safe, and I follow you back here." So we get my car.

When we got back, we found ourselves in bed and it was amazing. Very passionate and hot. Incredible.

Email she sent when we parted:

You just left and I spent an hour on the porch, waiting to see your headlights...drinking a glass of Kool-aid, thinking about how romantic and cheesy this all seems. I feel like I'm in a parallel universe where strange little fairy tales do come true. When you first walked up to me and started talking, I felt as if we were old friends who walked away for a moment and then started a conversation as if we had only been apart for seconds. Being with you comes so easy to me. If you had come back I feel as if I would have grabbed a bag, thrown what I needed in it and left with you, so I'm kind of glad you didn't and more kind of not. Things are strange here without you. I miss you already, it sounds so strange to think we only have known each other two days. Well, email whenever you can. I just want you to know how truly special you are to me. Be safe. I hope we will see each other again, I really do.


Blogger Nick Reitz said...

Keep the posts coming. It's nice to be in on the adventure.

Oh yeah, try to translate some of your abbreviations for the people like me.

May 02, 2005  
Blogger Design said...

One of the best LRs I've read in a while. Many things I'm going to have to steal.

May 11, 2005  
Blogger MEGATRON said...

This is one of the best LR's I've ever read.

Love your style in this, both game wise and writing wise.

Great stuff.

May 08, 2009  

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