Thursday, May 06, 2010

Urban Totems

"Squirrel totem is resourcefulness. Squirrel is small, but he knows how to use his teeth, his claws, and his speed to his advantage. He knows when to flee a fight and when to stand his ground, and he can be vicious. Squirrel knows the value of setting aside useful things for the future, of knowing his environment and using it to his advantage. Squirrel guides one to the resources, within and without, that one needs to survive. Squirrel is the foreteller of a bad winter; he knows instinctively when bad times are coming and begins to stockpile for them.

Squirrel totem people have whatever strange item you need in their basements, or they have the phone number of someone who does. They can spot a bargain a mile off and squeeze a penny so hard it squeaks. Squirrel people are beloved of Skor. They are cheerful gossips, especially over buying/selling/trading discussions. Squirrel folk tend to chatter when nervous, and squawk in incoherence when angry. They are ingenious with tools and oddments -- when you lose your keys in the mall, it's the squirrel totem friend who will hot-wire your car for you with a paper clip and a ballpoint pen. If you're in luck, your mechanic will be Squirrel totem and save you money by the dozens of junkyards he's got a line on, chock full of interesting items for the scrounging. They are bright-eyed hard workers. You can always tell a Squirrel house by the amount of junk stored in it, often in random piles that no one but Squirrel could ever find anything."

Raven Kaldera, Urban Primitive

Other common Urban Totems: Rat, Cockroach, Mouse, Raccoon, Robin, Starling, Kitty, Feral Cat, Pigeon, Crow, Moth, Seagull, Silverfish, Goldfish, Wasp, Dog, Sparrow, Ant, and Coyote.


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