Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Checklist for Intimacy

1. Tell your entire life story, taking about three hours each.

2. Tell each other your complete sexual history including how many people you have had sex with, what gender they were and the details of what you did with them.

3. Masturbate to orgasm in front of each other with no assistance from each other.

4. Tell each other of any affairs, near-affairs, necking, arousal, daydream, or flirtation you have engaged in since you have known each other.

5. Take turns with half-hour monologues in which one of you agrees to be silent for thirty minutes while the other speaks. Tell your partner everything you resent them for and everything you appreciate them for. After you have both taken a turn, talk about the monologues for at least a half an hour.

--Brad Blanton

"I am still amazed at how normally intelligent people who have been living together or married and having sex for years still can't talk to each other about fucking. Most couples haven't told each other about their sexual history, much less their current involvements."

"Whether you are monogamous or polygamous is not the most critical factor in having a successful relationship. Whether or not you tell the truth is."


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