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First of all, I am highly sexual. I love sex and I'm pretty gifted at lovemaking. I believe that passion is the lifeblood of a relationship, and indeed sexual connection is the backbone. Romance, intimacy, and physical chemistry are of extreme importance to me.

Second, I am very loyal. I'm caring and reliable. A bit shy, but grounded. What I really desire is a woman who is ambitious and capable, but also dependable. I want nothing more than to share my sexual and sensual life with someone who will actually stick around.

I am skilled at awakening a woman's senses and enticing her to live passionately. She learns and grows as a sexy woman embracing her desire. Then she leaves at the slightest minor difficulty. Right when I needed her most for my own learning and growth.

They say before any breakthrough there is a breakdown.

At this point, I am only interested in a connection that is sensual and physical, but also likely to last. Where is the woman who can handle the intensity of both intimacy and commitment?

Rare indeed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jason, I really like you posts. I've followed you for quite sometimes and in many ways identify with a lot of your qualities you mention in this post. They might come through with a little bit less intensity and it's also because only recently I became comfortable with who I am.

I found that my desire to "awaken" woman's senses and entice to live her passionately did not bring me to women who were good for MY long-term growth. I've broken shells of many women, showed them the wings they didn't know they had, flew with them and realized that they were not what I needed from the start. They just couldn't be there in the ways I needed them. And I felt it from the very beginning, I knew it, yet I was caught up in a teachers role, I was caught up in the "liberators" role too much to see who they ARE in the moment and maintained illusions about them.

I have just had the "last temptation" of mine, so to say. She was the first every person who had absolutely zero experience with men before. And she had more passion, skill and intuition that very seasoned and much older women. But she is just too young and not at the place where she can sometimes give me a spot on my own life-path.

And I realized that I will no longer act as a liberator, try to stretch people, try to inspire them (too much) for it attracts those who need it at the moment. At least I won't expect much from them.

I would rephrase your last question for myself as "Where is the woman who can handle the intensity of both intimacy, devotion and who
can help me in my own learning and growth to the same level I can help her?

Rare indeed."

I doubt that the problem is woman's commitment to you per se. Is it possible that the women you pick just CANNOT help you with your own growth and learning? Because of who they ARE not because they don't want to share their gifts.

March 22, 2010  
Blogger Poetry of Flesh said...

While I wouldn't really consider this a game, I truly believe that to grow, you need to "play" with someone that is better than you in some areas, worse in others. Pulling each other up the ladder, rung by rung.

Teaching... how are they supposed to pull you up if you're the one who taught them what they now know? How are you supposed to learn anything new if you two share the same operating base?

March 23, 2010  
Blogger Jure Vrscaj said...

Where is the masculine core? The mission, the purpose? Seems to me your primary cause these days is "find the right woman". But the right woman probably doesn't want you to be on the mission of finding her. (That's why PUA scene is self-defeating.)

You know the book - The Way of the Superior Man. Read it again, it's the bible man.

Good luck.

March 23, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You intrigue me, Mr. GoneSavage...every comment of yours that I've read on Erika's Awakening blog (I'm still back in '09) has been right on the mark to me, so I'm going to start reading your blog. Don't know how much it will apply to me, but being a woman who is just coming into her passion, I'm sure liking this first one! I agree with you that people like you describe are extremely rare...

March 24, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Savage, jason, whatever...what are you looking for? The woman who you describe here, the rare one---she will be much more open to you if you know what you want and tell her so from the get-go. As a woman, I can tell you that finding the right one is not about mentoring, it's not about teaching, it's about a dual exploration of one another...allowing this to just happen naturally, organically so that she can tell you exactly what she wants too without feeling pressured to conform to what you have to teach her. teach each other, nurture each other...that is where real beauty will come from...this rare women will be able to be herself and that will make her want to 'commit' to you.

March 25, 2010  
Blogger GoneSavage said...

Thanks. I appreciate these instances of feedback.

April 05, 2010  

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