Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Passion > Excitement

Passion trumps excitement.

Excitement is how you feel when you discover something new and novel. Passion is pouring your heart and soul into something for years.

Excitement is fleeting. Passion is what you live for.

Excitement is shallow. Passion runs deep.

Excitement can be faked. Passion cannot.

Excitement is external. Passion comes from within.

Excitement is seeing your favorite band play live. Passion is loving music.

Excitement is exploring a new city. Passion is travel.

Excitement is a playmate. Passion is a soulmate.

Excitement is arousal. Passion is love.

See where I'm headed?

Have a passion for learning. Have excitement for techniques.

Have a passion for growth. Have excitement for results.

Have a passion for seduction. Have excitement for pickup.

Have a passion for connection. Have excitement for dating.

Have a passion for sex. Have excitement for new partners, new positions, or new sensations.

Passion is loving women. Excitement is the adventure of getting to know any given woman.

What else?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with you post, Jason, but you seem to leave compassion out of all of your equations.

To add line by line to your list:

Compassion is pouring your heart and soul into something for years and making the world a better place as a result.

Compassion is living for the humanity in its totality.

Compassion runs at least as deep as passion; I think it's deeper.

Compassion can't be faked.

Compassion comes from a deeper deeper place than passion - it comes from our human essence.

Compassion is music and playing for others.

Compassion is making the places that you are travelling better after you leave.

Compassion is a twin-soul.

Compassion and passion together are Love.

See where I'm headed?

Have passion for learning. And apply this learning to better lives of others.

Have passion for growth. And let the results be improvements in the humanity.

Have passion for seduction. Have compassion for women you seduce.

Have passion for sex. Have compassion for your sex partners.

Passion AND compassion is loving women.

And I think that it is compassion AND passion that are love, both are an integral part of a relationship. They are like ying and yang - there are two different faces of the same coin. Passion is personal. Compassion is transcendental to personal. humans need both.

March 02, 2010  

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