Monday, February 22, 2010

Do Less -- A Metaphor

Can you get to Austin from Dallas, by driving through Houston?

Of course you can.

But why would you?

Why not take the simplest, most efficient route?

I'll tell you why...

either a) ignorance or b) ego.

Either you truly do not know that there is a direct route from Dallas to Austin.

Or... there is some reason you are going to Houston first. Some superficial reason that ultimately has no bearing upon your arrival in Austin. Maybe you feel you can't appreciate Austin without experiencing the contrast of Houston. Maybe you feel undeserving of Austin without Houston's approval.

Now, the ignorant guys are fine. We just give them a map.

But what bothers me are the misdirected guys that insist on misdirecting others. "You cannot get to Austin from Dallas without going to Houston first, it's impossible."

They can be quite convincing. "Look, they won't even let a guy from Dallas into Austin unless they feel that he's been to Houston first, that's just the way it is."

So, the guy convinces you that you have to go through Houston to get to Austin. You invariably get lost in Houston, waste lots of precious time, and end up stranded some place like Beaumont. Ew.

I've seen it happen.

When the starting point is the same and the destination is the same, there are lots of routes you can chose to take in making a journey.

Most of us prefer the simplest, most efficient route.

Do less.

Escalation is a direct, yet gradual process. It's non-flashy, forward momentum.

Some things are arbitrary -- like stopping for lunch in Waco.

Some things are a waste of time -- like going through Houston.

When I talk about "do less" I'm talking about identifying what's a waste of time and choosing to take the most efficient route.

Save time. Save money. Save energy and effort.

And let's be honest, don't we all want to get to Austin as quickly as possible?

See you at the Texas Summit.



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