Thursday, March 04, 2010

Massage > Dance

Here's a question to take in field:

Say you meet two guys -- all else being equal -- which guy would you pick: The one who is an amazing dancer? Or the one who gives incredible massages?

For real, ask girls this. But how about you?

Would you rather have a girlfriend who could dance or a girlfriend who could make you feel fantastic with her hands?

Both dance and massage are forms of nonverbal communication.

Both are art forms.
Both are forms of self-expression.
Both are practiced in every culture worldwide.
Both seem to indicate how skilled a person would be at sex.

What's interesting is when guys find the community and they really focus on self-improvement and self-expression, they often decide to take dance classes.

I think this is great. You're getting more connected with your own body and you're pushing your comfort zone.

But how applicable is dance as a seduction skill?

I am here to tell you that learning to dance is another one of those social misdirections that has no relevance to the skillset of seduction. Guys are led to believe that it is far more important than it actually is.

Dancing is social. Massage is seductive.

It's no wonder that guys would choose dance classes over massage classes. All you have to do is go to a club and you see all these people dancing! It's visual. It looks seductive.

But dancing is actually social. It's public. Formal dancing is the hallmark of social grace. All things social are about exposure and opportunity. Social things are about attraction, not arousal.

Rarely do you see someone giving or getting a massage. It's more private. And it's seductive, not social. All things seductive are about escalation and arousal. Seductive things turn you on physically, not mentally.

Dance is social. Massage is seductive.
Dance is mostly personal. Massage is interpersonal.
Dance is kinda selfish. Massage is giving/sharing.
Dance is mostly visual. Massage is kinesthetic.
Dance is entertaining. Massage is therapeutic.

Dance is of the ego (what looks good). Massage is of the body (what feels good).

"If seeing is believing, touching is knowing."

I know an amazing woman who is a 23 year old yoga teacher. She sometimes trades yoga instruction for other services. A 47 year old married man offers to trade a massage. He's not particularly attractive, and she doesn't particularly like him. He gives her a massage, they both get aroused, and as-nature-would-have-it, they fuck. Just like that.

I say it all the time: You don't have to master being social before you learn seduction. Put your time and attention where it counts. Learn massage.

You can dance if you want to, but massage is a far greater skill to have.

Massage trumps dance. Massage for the win.

Hands down. ;-)



Blogger Jure Vrscaj said...

> You don't have to master being social before you learn seduction.

But don't you think you should at least master being out of your head, thinking of others more than about yourself, disposing of your ego, etc... Which basically means you become a person everyone wants to be around - you become good at being social.

At that stage, in my experience, seduction comes natural.

March 07, 2010  
Blogger SMoKeLioN said...

Ive actually been planning that next time I get a massage from some spa to ask the girl if she could show me how as a lesson, knowing that it would lead to us being naked and fucking.

Instead of dancing on the dance floor, why not just massage girls? hahaa

March 09, 2010  
Anonymous Jeffrey Platts said...

Bro, you make a really great point here. Both massage and dance are skills that are valuable and helpful to meeting and interacting with women. But given the choice, I can see the value in learning and practicing massage as a much more connecting activity. Now if you can learn to do BOTH well, then you've got it made.

April 15, 2010  

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