Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The 21 Convention

My speech last Friday, 7-10, went amazingly well. There were 43 people in attendance in a remote location. I talked for 2 hours. No problem. I wanted to keep going, and I did unofficially after I was off the stage.

So now I am embracing the challenge of condensing this information into a short presentation for The 21 Convention in Orlando.

This is an affordably priced 4-day shindig that starts on Thursday, July 23rd.

I will be speaking on Sunday, July 26th.

The 21 Convention is in it's third year and is hosted by a guy who goes by Dream. Presenting this year is El Topo (realistically the best 'PUA' around), DJ Fuji (a student of mine from 2006), and Vin DiCarlo (a fellow ASF contributor circa 2005). Plus a bunch of other reputable guys like Adam Lyons and Entropy.

If you live in Orlando or are otherwise attending The 21 Convention, I would love to hear from you.

It is also noteworthy that I began my second-wave of promiscuity while road-tripping through Gainesville and Orlando in April 2005. Eventually this trip took me up the east coast to Montreal, then west to SF, LA, LV, and Burning Man. So this is a homecoming of sorts.

Reading these "Love Reports" will give you a good idea of how I operate, how I've been resonating on a different frequency, even back then:

LR: Florida: Banging a Bookstore Babe
LR: Orlando: If This Van's a Rockin'
LR: Orlando: Score at the Virgin-MegaStore
(aka Penetrating The Tail of the Little Mermaid)

I'm also giving a free one-hour-plus phone consultation with anyone confirmed as attending The 21 Convention who also reads my blog. Familiarize yourself with the above LRs and the Two Paths first, then email me.



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