Sunday, March 15, 2009

Surf's Up! A Spring Break Gift for You!

Surf’s Up! – An Imagery Exercise for Sexual Attitudes

Here’s a Savage original routine for you. It’s modified from a kokology script, and one of my all time favorites. This is perfect for sexual framing during Spring Break. I ran some bootcamps (with the Poon Tang Clan) down on South Padre Island for Spring Break 2007. Man, it was insane.

Convey this with the right nonverbals and it creates instantaneous arousal. Forget your attention-generating social routines. This is real sexual dynamics.

Furthermore, Surf's Up allows you to sexually screen girls to find your funtype. Do you want to be the chooser, or just another chaser? Screening is the name of the game.

It works great in regular situations, but it is absolutely killer in a sexually charged environment like day game at the beach. If you want to do the imagery exercise yourself, then just make sure you have a clear picture in mind before you read the explanation.

So here it is, go have fun with this…

Surf’s Up!

Check it out. Have you ever tried to surf? Cool. Well, you’ll appreciate this. Imagine you’re walking along a quiet beach – no one else is around – and you come across an abandoned surfboard…

What does it look like? Where was it when you found it? Was it resting in the water or sticking straight up in the sand? How do you feel about finding it?

So you climb on it and paddle out. How’s the weather?

Alright, so you’ve managed to get to your feet and you’re riding your first wave. It feels amazing. You feel so incredible and free. But then you hit a wave hard and go under the water. How do you feel as you try to get back to the board? Do you say anything? Do you scream?

Okay, last question. You get back to the surfboard unharmed. As you look back toward the beach, you notice that someone’s been watching you. Do you know this person? Can you describe him?

Wow, these answers are fascinating. Here’s the deal. As you know, the ocean has long been associated with sexuality. Just walking on the beach – tasting the salty air, feeling the fine mist spraying from the surf, and hearing the waves rhythmically crashing against the sand – can be an instant aphrodisiac. So this image that came to you tells us a lot about your attitude toward sex.

First, in every culture, the ocean is seen as feminine, so this surfboard is purely masculine. It stands in your mind as a huge phallic symbol. So you like a lover that is... (repeat her description of the surfboard)

Whoa. Alright, now the weather reveals your general feelings about having sex with a new lover for the first time. So you said it would be...

Now, your submersion in the water symbolizes how you experience orgasm. So you told me you would (say or do)...

Finally, the person you noticed watching you is someone you have an attraction for. It may not be obvious, even to you, but there is definitely some curiosity here. So you described him as...

What you are looking for here is a girl with healthy sexual attitudes. Trust me, a girl that says “It’s a big red surfboard sticking right out of the sand; it looks like it’s seen a lot of action, but it’s been taken care of, and there is still a lot of ridding still in it” is going to present you with a completely different sexual flavor than a girl that says “It’s a beat-up yellow surfboard just floating at the edge of the water like a piece of litter.” Trust me.

Once you learn sexual screening through fun exercises like this, you’ll never see a need for that cowardly indirect stuff again. Girls get aroused around a guy who can talk about sex in a fun and casual way.

You’ve been warned.



Blogger Benedict Smith said...

i have yet to involve some extended scripts like this in my game. hmmm.

March 16, 2009  
Blogger Jonathan said...

thanks for sharing one of your routines i will let you know how it goes tonight.

March 16, 2009  
Blogger Jonathan said...

back from a night out... tried the routine but didn't get far, perhaps bc of a language barrier. spent the night dancing with a friend of a friend....

if after the night's done, yur back at yur friends apt, the friend is still out, a girl says she'll be alright, i say goodbye tell her thanks for the night (hug) and then she says i can get naked but i'm a virgin. what does that mean? i thought she was making some sort of joke. i left back home..

am i shmuck?

March 17, 2009  

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