Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Beauty is a Birth Defect

Most guys in the community have accomplished some things in life. Most are self-made men. Yet, for some reason, the opinions of early adult-life women matter tremendously to them. In the pick-up community, I see the opinions of 19 year old "women" who have accomplished nada make CEOs of good corporations sweat and get nervous.

Beauty is a birth defect in many ways.

In most cases – because few have the willpower to eat right and workout consistently – a chick's physical beauty is simply an accident of birth. I give props to fat women who slim down through diet and exercise, but they are rare in the big scheme of things.

This is also why I don't compliment women based on looks. I only compliment when something else going on – style, energy, intelligence, humor.

When I was a kid, I met my friend's dad that had a gimpy arm as a birth defect. He had a hand that looked a bit like worms were all up under the skin. I didn't go around talking to him about it.

To me, a woman's natural beauty is the same way.

Sometimes, I bet women feel just as uncomfortable about it too, as my friend's dad felt when people said "Wow dude, sorry about your arm." How much different is that from "Wow, you are so beautiful." Both are reactions based on a physical aberration (extreme beauty, a disfigured limb).

While a woman's beauty may open doors at times, it can close a few at the same time. People will pre-judge her and most commonly, it can make men act weird around her. Guys do silly shit when beautiful women are involved.

A good rule of thumb for guys who might want to experience more success with women, especially those of the positive birth defect sort, is to not comment on her appearance until she's naked (and in the bedroom, not a strip club).

Rules are made so you can learn when to break them, but as a rule, it's a pretty good one.


inspired by Alex Avila


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Gone Savage!

Nice summation! I've been the ugly duckling and the unbelievable beauty and things in between... I've been incredibly vulnerable and incredibly powerful... been, am and will be... ahhhhhhhhh, life!

natural beauty to you is? To me? the radiance of the awakened one... and goes way beyond sexy... the moment when one of your friends or lovers shows you something that you felt was dirty is pure... when something hard is soft, something ugly is beautiful... something challenging is easy... something profane is sacred... those are natural beauties too... from my observations...

Luckily... our minds are flexible... so we can see rare gems in any shitty experience... and our hearts are meant to open... and to these I add one further observation... our ability to freely and truly heal... if heart opening + mind flexibility + healing are all surrendered only to the highest good... what then?

I notice I'm having a moment of sacred appreciation for my former turned some kind of something else... ???

Thanks Bro GS!

March 12, 2009  

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