Thursday, March 12, 2009

Magnet vs Slingshot

I did photo shoots yesterday for two girls. They were both the same age and both aspiring models. One had all the attributes of natural beauty. She had a nice form and great features. But was she attractive?

Not really.

She let her hair hang carelessly. Her clothes were plain and they hid her best features. And she carried herself like she didn’t much like herself.

Later, I met a girl who had much less to work with physically. But I have to tell you, she had a lot of sex appeal.

She dressed to impress. She carried herself with energy. The way she moved and the way she looked at me was very feminine and very sensual. She had this magnetism. I don’t know how else to describe it; I love that magnetic inner beauty.

What is it that causes two people to become attracted?

Is it a feeling from inside? Like a magnet drawing him toward you... like there is this attracting force just pulling you closer to this perfect stranger right in front of you.

Or is it a force from outside? Like a slingshot shooting you toward him... like this propelling force that just says, “I have to get closer, I have to take a chance and see what this person is all about.”

Now I don’t know which one it is, and it probably doesn’t matter. What really matters is that you make the most of this connection now that you have realized that this is someone that you really find attractive.



Blogger Jonathan said...

What kind of slingshot the Bart Simpson slingshot or the King David slingshot, which is deadlier thanks to angular acceleration? And don't forget electricity, for you can't mention magnetism w\o mentioning electricity, they are the same force thanks Michael Faraday.

You are writing about the mystery of attraction.
I reached a point where I think got an epiphany which goes it's really amazing that ppl have sex. Like it's a miracle of sorts. I can understand it from an intellectual pov: nature, it feels good etc. But do I really understand it, and I think no. It's amazing ppl get together to have sex. This occurred to me because I have so little exp prolly, and I am NOT bitter about it, bc the world is good to me. I feel lucky.

Thus I am entering the world of pickup with an attitude of humility about the end of seduction.

I am intrigued by the appearance of humility in such an endeavor. I want to develop this feeling because humility percedes wisdom. I have to meditate on this. I believe bc of this my journey into the pua world will be more interesting.

For example approach anxiety will dissapear ...

1) a lifetime of no pussy
2) feeling lucky (higher powers are good to me)

It's amazing ppl have sex.... excitability becomes a component. You want to explore bc you don't understand how sex happens. Since you don't know what happens you can be that guy. this doubles the excitability from humility. This is diff from thinking you are that guy. It's more about seeing where tbis goes. Uncertanty mixed with confidence to keep going. Fun from anticipating the element of surprise. Also one would cease giving off indicators one is in a rush bc one is curious. You have a clear mind bc you feel humble.

But I need to meditate on how to maintain this epiphany feeling of how amazing it is ppl have sex thruout my interaction with a HB.

Are there any concepts I will have to deal with as I devlop this pickup paradigm.

March 12, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Beautiful Savage! I just read a few of your posts... including the one on sluts... Have you ever seen from The Color Purple?

I attended Glide Memorial Church in SF this past Sunday... and I was in awe and amazement... the minister spoke of Sarah, Abraham's wife... who God came to and said, at their old age, they would give birth to a child... they would have decendents that were as numerous as the stars in the sky... Now, Abraham was impressed, right? It was his wife that asked God, is there going to be pleasure in this for me, Lord?

The sermon is available on CD... Sunday morning 11 o'clock service... 3/8/09. I've never heard a man of the gospel be so brave... so ready to break the chains placed on the feminine over these many thousands of years. We are returning to a world in which community will replace suburbs... we actually do love one another more than we realize... and the idea of property, especially of owning one another is soon to be replaced by the need to support one another in finding our true authentic self... because only from there can you really love unconditionally.

In all of my years keeping the light on for Christian brothers and sisters to finally bring it home... I never thought I would hear it spoken from the pulpit! Woman's pleasure matters... when God choose Sarah... her name was changed to mean, Queen of Heaven.

One of my soul purposes has been to bring forth a healing between the Tantric world and the Christian world on matters of pleasure, higher sexual potential and alchemy. The split is one we are here to move away from... to return to an open hearted and joyous innocence when in pleasure with another... not to become slave to it... not to fear it... We only need to forage into the depths of what love is... and to open to it... the love of God awaits you in sex... it awaits you in knowing when to be alone... It is also in the brotherhood of men who befriend other men who are having a hard time overcoming that split... and showing them the pathway through the dark underbelly of the pussy jungle... the longings of the hungry ghosts... and coming home to the shores of infinite and abundant love... generous and profound pleasure... deep and soulful connection. We are here to awaken to the heart opening and to connect that to our sexual joinings... whether it be with a good girl, bad girl, good boy, bad boy, slut or saint... did you know that celibate monks are now coming to teachers who can help them to navigate the path to sexual awakening?

Wanting to understand how to bring another pleasure, how to awaken another, how to love another, to serve another and to serve your purpose is beautiful... would you agree?


March 13, 2009  

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