Saturday, March 07, 2009

Depth vs Fullness

With sex, the man should establish the depth of the experience.

The woman should establish the fullness of the experience.

When I make love, I intend to drive you wild with intensity. Instead of getting lost in sensation, I want to open you up to your core. I want you to surrender in openness. I don’t want to just hear a scream of stimulating pleasure, but the moan of deep ravishing. This is my depth: Intensifying your pleasure and fulfilling your deepest desires.

For me to do this, you must trust my sexual capacity. You must relax and enjoy yourself. Allow yourself to go wild with pleasure. Don’t think about whether you should be doing this or that, just allow yourself to flow into pleasure itself. Go wild with delight. This is your fullness: Expressing blissful enjoyment as you receive the power of my deep presence.

Nothing is a greater turn-on than a woman writhing in sexual ecstasy.

Show me the fullness of your feminine energy so that I may show you the depth of my masculine presence.


inspired by David Deida


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