Tuesday, March 10, 2009

9 Words to Remove from Your Vocabulary ASAP!

The words we choose present us as either owners or victims. Owners make things happen with a full recognition of decision-making power. Victims believe that things happen to them from forces outside of their control. If you want to be an owner of your reality, a high achiever, or a charismatic individual, you have to remove these nine words from your vocabulary immediately:

Need – This word tricks you into placing your attention and creativity on not having something. The universe contains all of everything. So, there is really no such thing as need. It’s a habit -- an addiction of self-pity. If you never use the word need again, you will automatically never be needy again. Suggested replacement words: Desire, choose, create, make, and attract.

Can’t – As soon as you say can’t, you create limitation. Can’t wraps any concept in a veil of unavailability. Instead use the word won’t to put the ownership of the decision back in your own hands.

Hard – Using the word hard automatically makes the situation more difficult. Hard shows that you have no appreciation for the task. Replacing hard with stimulating will positively describe the situation.

Hope – This word gives up the power of decision. When you desire something, but do not decide to get it, you merely hope for it. As long as you hope for anything, you doubt it. Decide instead. When you decide something, there is no doubt, and therefore there is no use for the word hope.

Luck – This is the quintessential expression of “my power lies outside of me.” There is no such thing as luck, only decision.

– When you call something a problem, you’re automatically operating under the premise that the solution will be difficult. Issue isn’t any better because it suggests inherent conflict. Replace the word problem with project.

Stress – Stress is fear of being disappointed by someone. If you cannot find someone to be disappointed in you, you’ll disappoint yourself. Stress is another word for guilt. Realize that you are doing as well as you can at any particular moment.

Try – This word implies effort that is full of doubt. Try means “I place my attention on doubt. I will focus effort on no decision.” Replace try with explore if you desire any credibility.

Want – When we say we want something we are declaring it to be apart from us. Want, like need, is a word of separation. Use create or attract instead.



Blogger Alex said...

Thank you for sharing this. I found this post chock full of value. The words we as humans, choose to use are too often overlooked and unconscious. Simply changing up small things like these 9 words can have a profound impact on our lives as part of a greater whole focus on self development. Cheers !

June 15, 2009  
Blogger Alex said...

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June 15, 2009  

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