Monday, November 28, 2005

Montreal: LR: Taking Two From Tam-Tams (Part 3)

Part 3 (Posted: 8/2/05)

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better…

So I had my first double-booked date and I ended up making love with one of the two girls that night. But like I said, I *somehow* I played this so well that the second girl was definitely still in the running. Time to get HBnurse.

That evening after our three-person date at the museum, she sends me this email:

”I apologize for leaving so abruptly, but she wasn't really my type. Plus, I get real cranky when I'm hungry.”

In response, I say “the apology is mine” and make no other mention of the date or HBgraphicartist. I keep it ambiguous as to what degree the double-booked date might have been intentional or accidental. The rest of the email is a compliment to her style and her being “delightfully sassy.” Then a call to action—meet me again—and this time I promise you 1:1 attention.

She writes back and tells me about this wedding she is going to on Sunday and the party her friends are having for the couple on Friday. She would like to meet me at 11PM on Friday, after the party, and I should call from a payphone to let her know if I could meet.

Around 6PM on Friday, July 29, I give her a call. We casually chat for a couple minutes and she asks where I would want to go at eleven. I ask her if she knows somewhere laid-back and low-key because I didn’t feel like fighting the crowd on Friday night. She says the best place would be in the community where she lives. She tells me to meet her at the Villa-Maria Metro station.

It was a fun night anyway. I have a couple hours until my date and I befriend the first person I talk to at the Metro station. She’s going to a karaoke bar to meet her boyfriend and some girlfriends and she asks me to come along. I roll in with social proof, even though I’m “some American from the Metro.” It’s 9PM, and not many people are there. But damn if her friend isn’t about the hottest chick I’ve seen yet. I talk to the girl that I came in with, her boyfriend and this other friend. The hot chick keeps trying to interrupt and she is duly negged. I work this set and another set of three girls. Multiple girls were saying “you’re quite the ladies man” and shit like that. I’m just like, “I’m just me. I have no expectations. I’m just social and talkative and people are drawn to me.” Wink, wink. Plus I have also told them that I have to leave soon because I have a “date.” I contact close the super hottie and she says, “Let me walk you out.” I deliver a statement of intent, tell her to close her eyes, and I kiss her. Absolutely incredible kisser. I’ll write more if things work out.

So back on the Metro heading to see HBnurse. I arrive a tiny bit early and she’s a little bit late. Of course I’m talking to another woman when she arrives. I quickly introduce them and we’re off. We walk a few blocks and I tell her about meeting a girl on the Metro and going to a karaoke bar. She tells me about the party and the couple getting married, how she knows them and how they know each other.

She takes me to a pub and orders me a beer and some home fries. Cool. Then she talks and talks. Its one of those instances where I just kick back as an active listener without having to lead or push the conversation. I find it funny because she had told me at the museum that her best quality was that she was a good listener; I find that she is apparently also a good speaker. Anyway, she is very well-educated and very opinionated; the kind of person who can talk about anything. No problems there.

She tells several stories about good friends she has known since high school, and how her best friend (the other girl at the park) is now dating her brother. She even explains that the reason she believes that her friend was so aloof towards me was because she doesn’t really know how to act around HBnurse in the presence of other guys since she is now dating her brother. The point was, she was rationalizing the standoffishness of the other girl and telling me that she is usually really outgoing, she’s a master chef, she’s really cool, etc etc. I barely remembered her.

I tell her, “It’s okay, I didn’t mind your friend being reserved around me. If someone isn’t receptive to me, that’s hardly my fault. It’s her loss, you know. Besides, I was there because I was interested in finding out about you anyway.”

So she’s talking and talking and once I get a word in, I say this… “Listen, you’ve got great stories and you seem really cool. But I think I’m a lot different from you. I’m really not sure why you like me. It’s strange because most people that I connect with I can really get a sense for why they like me. It’s like they are immediately drawn to my dynamic personality and my captivating conversation. And my unusual lifestyle and outlook on the world. But you’re a puzzle. I really have no idea why you like me.”

Normally I’d never ask girls to try to articulate attraction. It seems counterproductive and it could be a needy-and-wussy frame if you don’t have the confidence to really ask the right way. But this girl kept talking about close friends, strong social circles, affluence, family ties, career mobility, advanced schooling, and all this shit that I can’t really relate to. And she really can’t relate too much to my stories of largely opposite themes. She’s such a talker and its best letting her have the floor anyway. No need to compete. So, I figure, if she’s going to talk, I might as well bring it to the here and now, and have her talk about me. Her response is quite revealing.

“Wow, that’s hard for me to say. I think it IS our differences that make me like you. It’s like what you told me at the park. Something about when people have so many differences, it makes the things that they do have in common that much more noticeable… and valuable. Like how you were a DJ and my brother and my father were DJs. That’s cool. But I have to say, initially, like your first impression, is that you have balls. I mean really it takes balls to go up and just sit between two girls you’ve never met and try to get to know them. That’s courageous. That’s fucking bold. I like that. I like how you can just be so bold and go for what you want.”

I can’t help but smile. I say, “Close your eyes, I’m going to do something bold.” I go in for the kiss. And she turns her cheek! Haha! She says, “Oh you’ve picked up air kissing!” I say, “You know how I love everything French” and I give her some exaggerated “mwah-mwah” air kisses. Good times. I told you she was sassy.

She orders another round of drinks and keeps talking. What can I say?
Really. I just sit back and let her ask me questions and I listen to her stories. I know it’s on. Damn smart girl. When I answer her, she compliments my word choice and thoughtfulness. Bonus for her.

Another good story she told allowed her to talk about social proof. She’s telling me how she would never talk to a guy who is in a bar alone. Because he is only there to pick-up. It’s shady and creepy. She says that a guy in a group is there to pick-up too, but at least he has friends and people who can vouch for him and it puts a woman at ease. She says it is even better when a guy is in a group of other girls. Nothing we don’t know, but it was fun hearing a socially savvy woman say this stuff without any prompting.

For fun, I said, “Wait a second though; I approached you solo without being with anyone else.” She says, “Yeah and I was really apprehensive at first. Remember? But you’re a traveler, so that’s a little different. And you’re just really fucking bold, so it’s okay.”

So this whole time we have been sitting side-by-side in a bar booth. She’s become comfortable with my touch by holding her hand or putting my arm around her waist or my hand on her leg. I’ve become comfortable with her leading the conversation. She gets the bill and asks, “You ready to go?” You bet.

She leads me up the street and she’s telling me stories about growing up in Montreal. I think she’s given herself a protective buzz; or at least she is acting a little buzzed after only two drinks. I’m just keeping kino and convo light and playful. “Here’s my place.” She leads me in and I tell her to give me the tour.

I casually walk with her and ask questions about pictures and CDs and I peek into cabinets and at her bookshelves. She has a lot of stuff. Another beautiful professional independent woman with a nice pad. I like this. She’s got a bookshelf full of SEX books. Oh shit, what have I gotten myself into. I tell her to put on some music and I sit her down with me on the couch.

She wants to see my license (she still thinks I am younger than her) and we exchange. We make fun of each others pictures. She shows me the tattoo on her lower back. I find the spots that she’s most ticklish. We’re sharing laughs and getting closer. I boldly go for the kiss. Nice. We kiss a couple more times.

I start to present the three sensuality questions (henceforth known as the Sensuality Test—see HBgraphicartist part of post.) After I talk about plump ripe strawberries and anticipation, she oh-so-casually mentions that it’s hot in the living room and we should go to the bedroom with air conditioning for the other two questions. I’m not really sure, but I think this is a green light.

So she leads me to the bedroom and she turns on the AC and I insist that she light some candles. Did I mention that she has a full-wall mirror right beside the bed? I proceed with the other two sensuality questions as erotically as possible. We make out and undress each other. Beautiful woman; so slender and fit and exuding sexuality. She’s a little too eager, but I love slowing her down and teasing her. No need to rush. Everything’s so sensual and incredible. She turns out to be very energetic and passionate in the bedroom.

I’m fucking her and just admiring her body and I can’t help but think how surreal it really seems that I’ve made this happen. I met two women at the same place on the same day who had never met one another. I invited them both on the same date and ended up in bed with one that day and the other the very next time I saw her. Both are remarkably beautiful and astounding lovers. And both realized that I could fulfill their desires and turn them into daring and lustful sex-crazed creatures. And I did just that for them both!

The next morning we fucked again. We showered, I left her a charming note, she burned me a couple CDs, then she took me out and treated me to an expensive brunch.

Who gets away with this?

Bon moment. Aime la vie. GoneSavage