Monday, November 28, 2005

Montreal: Good People Along The Way


With the conclusion of Cliff’s Seduction Summit in Montreal, my “PUA-Tour” is effectively over. Although I will continue to be on the road for some time and I’m only getting deeper into this artistry, I think I will not be nearly as public with my trials and tribulations, ramblings and revelations, experiences and exploitations...

With that said, I would like to offer my gratitude and express some observations that I have made about this community in the context of this roadtrip...

First, I would like to thank all the students and instructors at the event for sharing their time, experiences and valuable insights. The event was definitely worth the money and all associated costs with making this drive to get there...

Presenters: Stephane Hemon, Dr. Alex Benzer, Dave M, Brent, Tyler Durden, Cameron Teone (The One), Will Hicks, Steve Piccus, Patty Contenta, Doc, Michael Emery (Bishop), Steve Celeste (Toecutter), David Shade, Savoy, Wayne Elise (Juggler), Erik von Markovik (Mystery), Sinn, DJ, Lance Mason (Sensai), Zan, Neil Strauss (Style), and David Deangelo.

I’d also like to thank the 28 guys from this community I’ve met in my trek. This includes one certified “playette” and a handful of ASF guys that I never arranged to meet, but ran into in-field in DC and Philly...

Here’s the breakdown:
Chapel Hill—4
Washington DC—7
Atlantic City—2

Sorry I don’t have a handle for everyone. But then, not everyone uses one:

It was good to meet and special thanks to KitKatMan: Defixon: Aghora: Kittywoman: JC & Joey and the Atlanta Lair: Dimitri & Justin & Jonathan in NC: Uncivil Warrior & Alessandro and the other DC Lair guys: Eric K, Tarun and Andy for coming out to Baltimore: Icedub and Droots22 in NJ: Pras and friends in Philly...

And all the other guys that I met in whatever odd context. Peace to the couple guys that invited me to hang, but whatever circumstances prevented the meet...

Thanks for the laughs, praise and feedback to those in-field and in the forum.