Monday, November 28, 2005

Montreal: Hitch at the Hilton with HBmetro


Last night I was with HBmetro. My beautiful blonde Québécoise girl. She had been trying to get a whole evening and night out of me since the first time we were together. I actually flaked on her once, which is not cool. So I gave her last night. She told me to meet her at a particular Metro station for a surprise. I’m thinking, hotel? This girl is 18. Can she afford a hotel? Would she do that for me?

Well, I was right. She got a room at the Hilton which was damn nice. (Even nicer than the Marriot.) She had Green Apple Smirnoff on ice all ready when she led me to the room. We ordered a pizza and watched Hitch on pay-per-view. All on her dime. We were set for the night and had so much fun. We fucked twice and she sucked me off three times before we parted. Incredible. Of course we also spent so much time talking, bonding, playing around, and cuddling.

She must have already arranged for a late check-out too. We didn’t leave until 1:30 and housekeeping never knocked. I rode with her to her Metro station to drop her off at work. She’s teary-eyed and worked up on the walk. She tells me that she loves me. I hold her and she breaks-down crying on my shoulder.

I continue to hold her. I listen to her. I care. And I will miss her tremendously. I remind her of all that we have shared and how we both have memories that we will hold dear and cherish forever. Bon moment. Bon souvenir. Use this feeling to empower you and propel you into the kind of relationships that you know you deserve. We’ll stay in touch.

I’m realizing that if you are going to use such powerful and romantic frames and move through life as the kind of man who loves to please women in every way imaginable, you kind of have to be prepared for a couple things:

1) These women will fall in love. They will do amazingly thoughtful and splendid things to keep your attention and affection, but will absolutely cry their hearts out when you have to leave.

2) You will have to be open and receptive to feeling these emotions yourself.

Bon voyage. GoneSavage