Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Montreal D1: FR: Make Out City

First day in Montreal. I get a metro card which is $18 for the week, or what’s left of it. I ask the cashier to circle where we are on the map and circle where the most people would be. It’s about noon. The station that she sent me to turned out to be inside a mall. I didn’t come to Canada to hang in a mall, so I hit the street. St Catherine. I’m actually wandering without a map or any kind of guide. Just going to let the wind blow.

I get all these leads on things to check out from asking women where their favorite places are and what I must see. I’ll glance at postcards in the shops and ask people if they know where the pictured landmarks are.

I ended up doing ten cold approaches in the day (and three more at night). All in the day were single girls except one group of three. All were positive in some way; if only for smiles and laughs and some sense of rapport. My strategy is to stay in a girl’s company for as long as possible and to try to push things into an automatic date or arrange something later that day. Contact closing for a second day meet-up is generally not my style, but also further hindered here because I do not get phone service in Canada. Great opportunity to act on whims and push for same-day action.

My major sticking point right now is somewhat the opposite of what I used to do, that is: eject before rejection. Now, I find myself staying in conversation and the company of a woman even after I’ve realized that the logistics of staying with her or getting together with her later are not going to be possible. But I usually stay there just enjoying the moment shared and the connecting. It’s bad only because I realize that my time would be better spent finding and connecting with someone who might be available for an intimate rendezvous while I am in town.

So I end up spending maybe as much as an hour or so with a woman and then we part usually because she has to go to work or has some other commitment. In parting, I offer my email and don’t ask for any contact information. What has been uncanny though is this amazing return rate when these women will send me intense emails saying how much they enjoyed meeting me. Just leaves me kicking myself, because I’m long gone, in another city and won’t ever get to see her again. Oh well. I tend to press reset on my game daily.

But I must start realizing that if same-day action isn’t going to pan out to just exit the interaction ASAP. Move on to the bigger better deal.

Anyway…the first girl I talked to was outside a major bookstore. Turns out she worked there and was on break. (Opener: “I just got here. What do you recommend, right or left?”) She’s telling me what to see and what to expect of the people. Truly bilingual and her English is really good. Within five minutes of talking to her she says, “Hey do you want to smoke a joint?” Haha, good times. Yeah, right there on the street. She actually knows a bit about the city and the history. She’s telling me that French girls are easy. She offers her number and I say that my phone doesn’t work there and she tells me to use a pay phone. I say, “I dunno, is your company worth a quarter?” We’re flirting and sparring verbally. Funny thing is, though, I actually left without her number and did not even think to give her my email. In retrospect, I could have kissed her too. Instead, I was actually in this silly trance walking away thinking “that was about the coolest first person I could have talked to”….what’s next?

The second interaction was so intense it deserves a post of is own. YES…

The third girl was in a coffee shop. I sat next to her to take a picture of something across the street. Then I started talking about my first Canadian energy drink that I had just gotten—Guru—which sucked. (Hype also sucks.) We’re talking about what to see and do and her favorite places and she’s trying to teach me French. We share laughs and I feel like there is definitely a sexual vibe. I convince her to show me some things and she says she will but she as to first run an errand without me. She won’t tell me what it is, but she does her best to convince me that it will only take five minutes and she will be right back. I say I’ll wait, but I ended up leaving for new opportunities.

The next girl was one of the hottest of the hot. She was wearing bright pink and bright blue and this combined with her tight body got her all the attention she could ever need. Our interaction was brief, but I did walk a few blocks with her. She was going to meet her boyfriend for dinner. Meh… I never had a chance, but at least I went for it.

Next was the three-set in front of a cathedral. I’m pointing out gargoyles to them and explaining their significance and they end up taking pictures with me. They are from an area about an hour and a half away and only one speaks a bit of English. There is really nowhere I could have taken this PU-wise.

Next was a very hot girl in a blue dress. The kind of beauty that I would kick myself for the rest of the day for not approaching. Oh yeah, she was wearing headphones. So I opened by asking what she was listening to. We walked several blocks and we’re laughing and she’s doing her best to ask me rapport questions in English. She agreed to show me the way to Chinatown and I asked her if she liked Chinese food and she’s game, so it looked like we were going to eat. But we got to this particular street where Chinatown was right and she decided to go left to the Metro saying that she had to have dinner with her mom. I told her that we really should do something later this week and I gave her my email.

Then there was the woman from Philly who was there for a conference. In fact she organized the conference and, as such, was very busy. She was walking the streets for fresh air. We walked and talked for probably twelve blocks. She was really into me and was glad to hear of my good experiences in Philly. Anyway, she had to get to her hotel for dinner and it was the same time I had to find a different hotel for my meet with girl #2. Even with her being American, I’m sure I could have kissed her. I could have pursed a meet-up later, but I was certain girl #2 would receive my attention for the rest of the night. Damn.

Right after my escapade and wait at the Hilton, I pass another hotel a couple bocks away and there is a beautiful girl sitting outside. She is on vacation from France with her mother. She actually speak better English that most all the French Canadian girls that I have encountered. She came outside to smoke a cigarette, but couldn’t stray far. I got her to walk across the street with me to a fountain. She let me know that she was only sixteen (haha) and that she has a boyfriend back home. I felt like she was telling me this because she was attracted. I decided to do something bold just to see what would happen. I said, “I want to tell you a secret. Then we’ll go our separate ways. This is a juicy vacation secret for you to keep from your mother for the rest of the trip and something to keep from your boyfriend for as long as you stay together. Close your eyes.” And I pulled her close kissed her. It was returned and a good kiss except for the fact that she tasted like cigarettes. Then I wished her well and walked away, not even looking back. Good times.

So I just kissed a sixteen year old French girl. I decide to continue with the bold moves for whatever may happen. The Metro trains stop running at midnight. So I decided to take the train to my van and drive downtown for night action. On the metro back up, I’m face-to-face with this beautiful Brazilian girl. She is nineteen and here studying and she lives with some old lady and a Japanese teenage dude. I’m trying to figure out a way that we could stay together and cook or go somewhere. Her station is before mine. When we reach her station we kiss. And I think it is funny because it started as a misread on my part, but definitely something she was ready for. I think she went in to do the Frenchie cheek air kiss thing and when I saw this I went in to kiss-kiss her. But she adjusted and next thing you know we are really French kissing. And that was it, she’s gone.

When I got off the Subway I ended up pacing this French-Canadian blonde. I just told her this was my first day here and some stories. Just walking and talking and smiling. We get to some factory and she says, “This is where I work. Bye.” This was abrupt to me because the bonding was going well and I didn’t even think about where we were going. She works 10PM until 6AM. Uhg. I tell her that I would like to continue getting to know her and she says that she has a BF and I say that that’s OK, just write me anyway and I give her my email and let her go work.

I’m back at the van and I’m thinking how far this drive is going to be to get back downtown. I decide to get back on the subway and *make something happen* such that I had a place to sleep OR *worst case scenario* the bars would close at 3 and I would wait to catch the first train back around 6AM. Okay, let’s roll.

Back in the Metro, I engage this really cute girl by asking her to translate a subway poster for me. Well, she is from Mexico City and knows no French. She lives in Montreal and is with her BF and her friend who just arrived from Mexico. Somehow I transition nicely to talking to the visiting girl, whom, if she has a BF, at least is not there with him. She is damn cute too. We sit together on the Metro and I flirt in broken Spanish. She tells me how long she will be there and offers her number. I tell her that my phone does not work and she should take my email and email me plans for an adventure. Really weak game, but like I said, it is hard for me to structure dates in cities that I am unfamiliar with and I like to reset my game every day.

So I get back to St Catherine. Not too much going on. I first open a two set that is rushing to get home. Poor English. I engage them for a few minutes anyway which is counterproductive because it is only wasting my time.

Next I sit down between two girls in this group of three. They are fairly apprehensive at first. But they are open to my stories and impressions of Montreal. Of course the scene evolves into teaching me French and I play along to let them laugh at my inability to pronounce or retain anything French. I’m talking about them being my teacher, my tour guide, and my success coach and how we’re going to start our own province. Blah blah blah.

They decide to take me to a bar uptown. These are college girls. We catch a bus. With the most alpha tour-guide girl I’m being cocky and playful while teasing her about Canadian and American differences. My teacher girl I develop the most rapport with and I’m asking her all these words in French. And I have her writing stuff down for me. The third girl is pretty shy and quiet but the only one asking direct questions about me.

But honestly, none of them are showing more than casual interest. Another instance of me just rolling with the situation and not really leading. We get to the bar and there’s a guy friend that joins us. The four of them are talking French and I have no idea what they are saying. I talk to my teacher girl a bit, but the others are talking like 90% French now and I am excluded. I’m not sure what has been communicated or what influence this guy had, but my even my questions are ignored. So I decide to excuse myself and I ask for directions back to downtown. But before I left, I slipped me email into the purse of my favorite girl—the teacher. Also gave her a hug when I left and just said bye to the rest.

Then I walked probably seven miles or so back to the city center. By that time it was about 4AM. Had to kill nearly 2 hours waiting for the metro to open. The horrible part is that I had to keep moving because the mosquitoes would get me whenever I stopped. Mosquitoes are hellacious here, even in the city.


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