Monday, November 28, 2005

Montreal: LRx3: Trois beautées en une seule journée

Friday July 22, 2005. This day will live on in infamy as the first day that I had sex with three women, each for the first time. Let me make the distinction clear. Not only did I have sex with three women, but it was the first time having sex with each! Okay, got it. Onward…

This post is a snapshot of where I have worked to take this artform and my attitude. And it’s the culmination of ten days time spent in Montreal. Developments include exhibiting potent sexual confidence, delivering powerful statements of intent, persisting on Day2 and Day3 meets, and creatively engineering good logistics. All three of these women were sexed on Day3 meets--which I’ve already noted was the same day!

All three women were beautiful and I love them for the qualities that make them unique. So it doesn’t get confusing, I’ll give them cutsie HB names based on where I met them: HBcafe, HBmetro, HBfountain. Simple enough.

HBcafe—age 20, met 7-17, day2 7-20, closed 7-22 around 5:30AM
HBmetro—age 18, met 7-12, day2 7-21, closed 7-22 around 1PM
HBfountain—age 19, met 7-16, day2 7-19, closed 7-22 around 11:45PM

While pursing these girls this week I started thinking about how Day2 meets are such a hassle. They frustrate me because it takes planning and scheduling and precise logistics to arrange the meet and then show up. It takes a lot of patience and persistence. I was noticing that even in transit (and in fact in a hurry) to meet one of my girls, I passed like a dozen women that captured my attention and that I would have liked to have met. Surely something with one
of them would have panned out ‘same day’ I was thinking.

But then I thought that it is actually a more admirable action to meet a girl that intrigues you and pursue that same girl until she is yours. Rather than abandoning her (and the impact that you had made thus far) for someone that seemed more immediately attainable. Obviously there is a compromise. (Like giving yourself enough time in transit to a “date” to contact-close the beauties you pass along the way.)

Just wanted to note that feeling somewhere. This week I’ve transitioned from a mentality of “With so many fish in the sea, what makes this particular woman so worthy of my time and planning” toward a mentality that is more like “Damn, this woman really is unique and special, and I’m going to make her mine.” Ya dig?

HBcafe – Day1

HBcafe was the last of the three that I met, yet the first to meet the back of the van. Sunday after the seminar, I hit the street with Papi Chulo and two other PU artists (handles unknown). I tell them that I have to talk to this lone fox sitting on the stoop in front of a very popular restaurant on Crescent Street. She’s a stylish brunette with a slant toward the offbeat—one tattoo, brow piercing, nose piercing, hip cloths. Turns out she works at the restaurant and her shift had ended and she was waiting for a male coworker to finish his shift and drive her home.

I initiated conversation neutrally by asking her the cool places we should go. Leads to questions about where we are from and why we are in Montreal. I tell her that we are here for a seminar on “Interpersonal philosophy—which is basically how we relate to each other and connect on emotional levels. So we are here learning about kinesics, body language, psychology, massage, guided visualization, and techniques that bring us close together and make us feel
really good.”

She’s intrigued. I tell her, “I don’t know you and this is probably a little early to be showing you something like this, but I just learned it and you know how it is when you learn something new and exciting and you just want to share it. Okay, check this out. This is really cool. Give me your hands…” and I lead her through a demonstration. I did this exercise called Eye Gazing, which I won’t go into, but it could have been The Cube or a massage technique or just about anything because of the way I framed the seminar and my fascination for learning and teaching.

I ask her “what’s your art?” and she looks at me in amazement. Turns out she is an art student and big into painting and sculpture. I have her describe some pieces and I tell her that it all sounds cool and that I’d love to get to see them someday. We also talk about the city and how we should go to a museum or go to the mountain together. I describe that my time there is limited and it would be cool to hang out with someone so energetic and adventurous. The guy that is to give her a ride comes out and she tells him to hold on and she continues talking to me.

I also told a few Impressions of Montreal stories and we talked about half an hour. I tell her that my phone doesn’t work in Canada but if she emails me that night I will definitely check it in the morning and we’ll make plans. She says that she will.

GS: “It’s nice to have met you…I really have to get back to my friends.”
HB: “Yeah, they kind of abandoned you, huh?”
GS: “No not really. When I saw you I said ‘Guys, I have to talk to this girl. She’s completely my type and I have to find out more.’ I’m not the kind of person to let opportunities slip by and be plagued by ‘what if’s.’ Now I see that you’re really cool and you have a lot going for you, and I have a lot to teach and share with someone like you. You’ll see. I have only to offer you honesty, respect, adoration, and to show you things that will make you feel absolutely beautiful.”
HB: “I’ve never met anyone like you…I’ll write you as soon as I get home!”

In her email she calls me “beautifully intriguing” and a “spontaneous, fly-by-the-seam-of-your-pants kinda guy.” This makes me smile. (The complete email is posted prior). I respond to her email telling her why I enjoyed meeting her and I offer a time to meet and I suggest we go to the contemporary art museum. She sends another email telling me all these places she wants to take me and that I have an “exciting, exhilarating, enthralling energy…and it's astoundingly refreshing.” Wow, I think we’re going to get along just fine.

But then she cancels. A flake? Turns out she had previously committed to the beach with a friend before she ever met me. She’s very apologetic but decides to go with the earliest commitment. She sends an email telling me that either we were not meant to be, or she will do x, y, and z to make it up to me. She also mentioned the time that she anticipated returning…

HBcafe – Day2

So Wednesday I headed down to the Old Port for the fireworks competition. I called HBcafe from a pay phone and she was on her way back into town. I told her to call my cell when she got into town and I could treat it as a pager and go to a pay phone and call her back. Cool. Just before ten she calls me. By this time, I was deep in a group of three girls. I borrow one of the girl’s phones to call HBcafe. Good times.

But it’s an hour before I meet up with her. Trouble parking and such, and I had to watch the fireworks with the other girls. Bummer. Finally I call her and we navigate the crowd and meet. She’s wearing a red corset and has a gold scarf in her hair. Gorgeous.

Long story short, we hung out the entire night. We actually pulled the same scenario that I pulled solo the first night I was here—staying awake and waiting until the Metro opened at 6am. The vibing, bonding, and sharing never stopped. This girl is wonderful. We took turn applying lotion to each others hands and I taught her how to give a proper hand massage. I prolonged that first kiss until we just fell into it like it was the most natural and most highly anticipated event in the world. I love how I can just look at a girl and say, “You know, I think you are fantastic.” And have her look at me and say, “Thank you, you’re fabulous.” What a great feeling.

HBmetro – Day1

I actually met HBmetro the first day I arrived. This was an intense day in which I met and had fun with several women. The situation is humorous because I got a lengthy email from HBmetro in French with the note “It's your turn to have problems, use your dictionary if you think that it's worth it, if not, goodbye!” (Entire email posted prior.) I was actually thinking the message was from a different girl that I had given my email address to—one that I had spent much more time with and suspected I had a greater impact upon.

In fact, I never realized who I was dealing with until after I had arranged a meet with HBmetro through emails and showed up for our Day2!

But the actual girl had been noted in my journaling as such:

“When I got off the Subway I ended up pacing this French-Canadian blonde. I just told her this was my first day here and some stories. Just walking and talking and smiling. We get to some factory and she says, ‘This is where I work. Bye.’ This was abrupt to me because the bonding was going well and I didn’t even think about where we were going. She works 10PM until 6AM. Uhg. I tell her that I would like to continue getting to know her and she says that she has a boyfriend and I say that that’s OK, just write me anyway and I give her my email and let her go work.”

So…now this girl has sent me an email in French that I had translated. It is quite revealing. It says that she has a boyfriend but she has cheated on him before. She asserts that she is not easy and she does not trust me as she thinks that I want to only have sex with her and not get to know her or respect her or remember her. Something like that. Funny thing is—I had only talked with her for about twenty-five minutes and now I’m getting a pretty forward email. And, as noted, I am picturing in my mind a totally different girl!

I respond to her email telling her that I have been busy and I did not have time to research what she wrote in French. But I told her that I was interested in learning more about her and that we would have fun if we met. I have only to offer her honesty, respect, and to show her things that will make her feel beautiful. I suggest a time and place to meet.

Well, I get another email in English telling me that my actions are questionable, she’s not going to have a one night stand, if I am looking for sex I should hire a prostitute, I have a one track mind, she has never had sex with a guy for no reason, and she’s not going to hook up with me ever. Of course, it is duly ON.

But yeah, she throws all that at me and she has only talked to me for about twenty-five minutes and exchanged one more-or-less neutral email. Of course, all this means that she wants me. I send a very brief email saying that my mind is not on physical matters and my only agenda is to smile, laugh, and enjoy the moment. I tell her that I am going to be at the fountain in front of the Place-des-arts at 3:30 and I hope she comes too….

HBmetro – Day 2

Well, I get lost and I don’t show up until four o’clock. I’m looking for this hot little red-head that I actually met at the same place. I walk around and I do not see her. I make eye contact with this really cute natural blonde with a tight tan that looks strangely familiar and I keep walking. I tell myself that if this girl is a flake, I’ll just go talk to this blonde.

Ha! So that’s what I do and within about two minutes I realize why she looks familiar. This is the girl that I have been emailing…and now I remembered meeting her at the Metro station so many days ago! Good times.

She asks why I was half-an-hour late. Got lost. We’re having communication problems. She tells me that she knows little English. I tell her that she sure writes it well. She reveals that she actually had a friend compose the emails to me. This is getting good.

I take her for a destination-less stroll. She’s really standoffish with her body language and rejects my touch. I’m just keeping things light and playful especially since I can barely talk to her. She likes to try to teach me French and I let her call me the “American Idiot.”

No sweat, because I know it’s on. She tells me that she has actually broken up with her boyfriend now. She tells me she just got her hair styled. We sit in a field and I try to tickle her and she says, “Don’t touch me.”

I just stay interested. Stay a good listener and a good student and keep things lively and playful. Gaining her trust and more comfort. I’m turned away from the first two kiss attempts, but I know that I am getting to her. Finally we fell into an actually kiss. Nice. The kiss broke her and she quickly became this loveable cuddly French doll.

I lead her to a Metro station and I’m thinking I can get her on a subway to the exit that I am parked at, which is the exit she works at anyway. Maybe I can close the deal before she has to go to work. She says it is too early to go up there and she has to go home first and change clothes. So we metro to the Plateau, she buys me some putine and we cruise a couple shops. And she’s adorable now. She will actually stop me and say, “Kiss me.” Which I like.

We’re arm-in-arm and hand-in-hand. We take the Metro to her home, I meet her mom (who knows NO English whatsoever), she changes clothes, and we’re back on the subway to Namur. She walks to this factory (won’t tell me what she makes in there) and I walk to my wheel estate. I tell her to meet me at 6:30AM at the hotel (I stay in the parking lot) right after her shift. She says she will. We’ve spent about six hours together now, and I know she’s wrapped around my finger. Good times.

HBfountain – Day1

HBfountain, another stylish and imaginative brunette, was discovered Saturday night while I was out with Papi Chulo. The activities of the night are documented in his field report “CliffSeminar wing with GoneSavage 2nd night.” His report details opening, leading the interaction, venue changing to the hotel, and ultimately loosing the girls for same-night play.

The interaction began similar to that with HBcafe. But we escalated more quickly and much further. I open neutrally asking about their favorite hangouts. I initially sat to the side of the non-target. I start leading a fun role-playing scenario where we’re looking for a tour guide and a French teacher. Isolation was made quickly and as Papi described.

Now I have my desired girl’s attention. I talk about my impressions of Montreal. Leads to questions about where we are from, why we are here, and talk about the seminar. Leads to demonstrations (IVDs). Leads to kiss. Leads to massages and makeouts. Always building and increasing arousal. Varying the tempo and escalating comfortably. I ask her questions about what she finds sensual (food, part of body, bath or shower, kissing, biting, etc.) It’s like 90% physical now. But when I break escalation, I throw in statements about how she makes me feel like I’m under a spell, how she makes me feel like I am the shit, how I want to show her amazing things, how I want her to realize her potential as a woman, how I want to taste her, how I want to turn her whole body into one big blush.

Yes, I say these things. And there we were sitting on the steps and I’m rubbing her pussy while she’s stroking my cock (outside pants). We’re like six feet from her friend and Papi Chulo. Good times.

I stand up, pull her up, and bring back the conversation to talk about her interests and passions and such. I lead her and the other couple follows. We head toward the Marriot without me ever mentioning where we were going. We walk arm-in-arm and talk mostly about stuff in the city. It’s on. And it seems to be ON between Papi and her friend as well. Nice.

There is not even any objection to getting on the elevator and entering the room. So HBfountain is with me in the same bed and under the sheets and I’m caressing her tight body. We’re making fun of the Elimidate show and we kiss passionately a few times. We makeout and dry-hump the two times that Papi Chulo and the other girl leave the room. But they always come back. So sad.

The other girl decides that Papi is too much of a real man for her. So she pulls my girl out of this absolutely blissful state and back to a day-to-day reality complete with some kind of early responsibility. Meh. We hastily exchange contact info. And they’re off.

I remember thinking, in retrospect, that I should have at least walked them to the lobby. I think it was inconsiderate that we didn’t even inquire how they were getting home and how far it was and to wish them a safe trip. At any rate, it was a fun night…

HBfountain – Day2

The next day she sends an email presuming that I have already left. She tells me that the time we spent together was “awesome” and that I made her feel really good. She’s glad we met and she wishes I could stay longer.

Well, guess what. I’m still in town.

So we exchange a couple emails to secure a time to meet at the same place. She tells me she can meet Wednesday, but the girl that she is looking for an apartment with will be with her. Okay, no problem.

I drive downtown this time since it is after 9PM. I show up and walk up the stairs toward the fountain and my girl smiles when she notices me. I say, “Let’s do this again and this time you run up and jump in my arms.” So she got it right on the third try. I’m affectionately high maintenance and I like to set expectations for our liaisons. We give each other a long embrace and a kiss.

She introduces me to the friend. I ask her if she had heard the passionate and incredible story about how HBfountain and I met. The friend says “No.” My girl says, “Yes, I told you!” I have already let her know that I expect our dealings to be honest and open. It’s all about cooperation and mutual respect. So the friend says, “OK, she told me. It’s hot.”

The three of us hung out maybe two hours together. The friend was kind of annoying, a bit of a smart ass, but easy to befriend. We had musical taste in common and she is a photography student so I invited her to see my pictures and hold my camera. We three hike up to where I had parked. I show them a few pictures and then we walk back down to the Metro. My girl and I are close, but most of the talking is between me and the friend.

I wait in the Metro with them. They are set to go to the same station. The train comes and the friend gets on and I’m giving HBfountain our parting kiss. She whispers, “I can catch the next train.”

The look on her friend’s face when the door closed was priceless.

So I’m thinking, it’s ON. I tell her we should get something to eat and we can go anywhere. She tells me that she really does have to catch the next train and I decide any logical attempt to convince her otherwise would be counterproductive.

I lift her up and sit down with her on my lap. I tell her how much I love Montreal because it is the kind of place where you can really enjoy day-to-day living. We have to want the present. The present moment is all we ever have. I tell her that I am thinking about moving here.

GS: I want you to know that you are not the reason I would like to move here.
HB: (frown)
GS: But I want you to be comfortable realizing that if I do end up here, you are going to be a part of my life. I make no promise of a future or anything permanent. But for as long as we are together, I am going to enhance and enrich your life in ways that you’ve never dreamed. I offer you affection and adoration like you have never imagined and absolutely everything I say and do is to make you feel beautiful.
HB: (all smiles)

We embrace and kiss and I leave her imagining wondrous things…

Culminating Event — Day 3

So this is how it went down. After spending all day Thursday with HBmetro, I drove from uptown Montreal to downtown near the Marriot. I knew that I could make free local calls there and I could park for free after 9PM. The subway would close around midnight. And these girls all live with their parents. So, I knew I would need my van accessible as the lay venue.

I called HBcafe who was finishing up at work. She asked me to swing by at midnight. I told her that she had to jump in my arms when I walked in the door. I show up and she runs to me and jumps in my arms and then she introduces me to a couple people.

Then we’re off. I told her that I wanted to see the local campus because I heard there were beautiful buildings and cool sculptures. We walk there. But there is something a little off about our vibe. Not as talkative or energetic. I figure it is because we have had little sleep after staying up all night together. I want to get things physical to reestablish the sexual vibe.

So we lie in the grass and have amazing tickle fights that lead to unbelievable makeout sessions. Very passionate and playful and we end up dry-humping on the lawn with people walking by every once in awhile. It’s very heavy, very intense. I say, “We have to stop. We’re going to get arrested. Let’s go to the mountain.” OK. She starts telling me which way we would have to walk and I say we’re driving instead. OK. We walk back to toward the Marriot and find the van and I tell her to navigate. I tease her about not knowing how to drive and I insist that I teach her.

On the way to Mont Royal, we came upon a smaller park with a pond. She’s never been. I say that we should check it out and I parallel park flawlessly. We walk around one time, sit and talk, makeout, and then I lead her back to the van.

I tell her that I am going to show her some pictures. This is just to get her comfortable being in the van lounging. Especially in an area where people are walking past frequently. So I boot up the computer and hop in the back and tell her to follow. We look at pictures that I took on the trek north for about fifteen minutes until the battery dies. Then I start to kiss her and caress her and treat her to lots of sensual foreplay.

There was no “last minute resistance” as I had invested about ten hours in her already and it was clear that we were “pair bonded.” Sex was something we both desired and the anticipation had been building extraordinarily.

And it was absolutely incredible. Our sexual energy and appetites were matched completely. It was so hot and so extremely sweaty and we enjoyed each other for a couple hours. By the time we were set to leave, it was after 5:30AM. Of course I was scheduled to meet HBmetro at 6:30AM when her shift ended.

So I had just enough time to drive HBcafe home, say our goodbyes, and find my way to the hotel that I told HBmetro to meet at. I checked the lobby and she was not inside, so I figured either she is going to be late, or I have a flake. Then I “transform” the van by putting all my clothes and shit in the front seat. I then put the cushions, that are normally double-stacked, side-by-side to accommodate two people. In case she needs sleep.

All the pillows and blankets are soaked with sweat. You have no idea, how hot and wet the sex was with HBcafe. And here comes HBmetro now. I call her over and ask her how her shift was. We hug and kiss. She tells me how tired she is and I say, “Well come lay down.”

I open the door, hop in, and she basically falls in face first. And she’s out. She’s asleep. That’s cool. I give her a few kisses on her head then I eventually sleep too.

Around noon, I get her awake and we talk just a little. I start massaging her legs and kissing her stomach and thighs. I’m getting no resistance. She’s lying on her back and she pulls a pillow over her head. I’m caressing her pussy outside her jeans and kissing her all over. I start kissing outside her shorts and I work my fingers inside from the bottom. No resistance whatsoever. I touch her and she’s soaking. I finger her and she’s moaning, really getting into it. I caress her breast and undo her bra will my other hand. Then I pull her shorts and panties off to reveal her completely shaven snatch.

I go for the eat-out and she’s still holding a pillow on her face. She hears me taking off my pants and opening a condom while I’m still eating her out. I move up to penetrate her and I remove the pillow, look deep into her eyes, kiss her, and it’s on for the next hour. She’s very tight and sexy, but not nearly as responsive or vigorous as HBcafe.

After we get dressed and kiss, she’s off to the Metro. I’m almost late for another meeting. I meet up with KitKatMan (ASF) and tell him the events that have just transpired. I tell him about how my attitude has changed since being in the city, attending the seminar, and how other amazing things have recently happened (like seducing the roommate of a girl that I originally called for and convincing her to meet me blind-date style). So I get to shower all the sweat of two women off of me. We have dinner and I tell him that I’m going to try to get HBfountain the same day.

Back to the Marriott around 9:45. I get HBfountain on the phone. But this is a challenge. She’s got other plans. I convince her to cancel those plans by making some bold statements.

I basically tell her that whomever she is going to meet (it was a guy, but I did not ask what kind of relationship she has with him) would still be in her life tomorrow or the next day. I am leaving very soon, and if you come see me it will be the most amazing and remarkable night of your life. You will be pampered and adored and introduced to what it feels like to be with a real man who knows how to treat a real woman who wants and deserves real romance.

I talk about how a lot of people don’t believe in real-life personal romance and how they live romance vicariously. I promise her the night of her life and to show her soul. I promised her an experience beyond anything she had ever dreamed. I said I make this promise to you and I rarely ever make promises. Not because I can’t keep them—if I do make a promise, you better believe I am going to keep it—but because when I promise something people always come back and want more. So for you to see this amazing opportunity and make it your own… Etc, etc.

Well, she’s hooked. She says, “I know it will be amazing.” Plans cancelled. Also, I hadn’t realized that she lived so far north and had to catch two buses and a train. I tell her to meet me at the same fountain where we first met. I’m sentimental like that.

I’m a few minutes late again, but there she is. She’s on her cellular when I arrive, apparently with the friend that I met two days earlier. This girl was already in the area and since I was late, she was coming over to meet HBfountain too. We arrive at the same time. I’m polite, but still trying to figure out how to prevent an annoying tagalong. She’s like, “Where are you two going?” My girl looks to me and says, “Where are we going?” I say, “You and I are driving to Hollywood just to touch the sign, wish you could come too, but we didn’t give you time to pack.” She tells us some party she is supposed to go to and she’s out.

So I start leading HBfountain toward the van parked near the Marriot. It’s a decent walk and I don’t rush things. Just sharing stories, laughs, kisses, and building sexual tension. As we get closer to the van, I tell her that I have to introduce her to a couple bands that she will like. I also think that I never clarified that I was not actually staying in the Marriott anymore, but she still new that I had driven to Montreal, so arriving at the van was not a surprise.

What was a little bit of a surprise was opening up the van door and inviting her into a semi-cozy “bedroom.” Once she’s in, I play a couple songs for her and leave some chill-out music playing on the computer. Of course the battery doesn’t last long, but by that time we are deep into makeout mode. The van is actually quite a comfortable place and logistically handy. I think that it puts their logical minds at ease and doesn’t violate the “it just happened” clause.

Third girl of the day brought to the van and, once again, no last minute resistance. This one I had spent the most time with altogether. Remember she was aroused to the point of being ready to fuck on the first meet, but logistics were bad. So I played it easy with her, saved her for last, and got her back into state. And once again it was outright amazing. Almost as spiritually passionate as HBcafe, but perhaps she’s a little less experienced in the art of sexual expression. But HBfountain is so incredibly tight and her body quivers at the slightest touch. Such a beautiful and delicate woman. Must have cum six times.

So I take HBfountain home. Later I sent her a short email expressing how amazing it was to share such an intimate and passionate experience with such an amazing woman. Before I had met HBfountain late at night, I had sent a similar email to both HBcafe and HBmetro. This is to reinforce our connection, let them know that I do not “fuck-n-dump,” "hit-it-and-quit-it" and prevent them from getting buyer’s remorse. And I really want to see them all again.

So there you go. I asked KitKat to help decide what to call this post. We had to shorten his “Faire l'amour à trois beautées éclatantes en l'espace d'une seule journée épatante.” Which would literally mean “To make love with three stunning beauties within the confines of one great day.”

Bon moment. Aime la vie. GoneSavage