Friday, July 08, 2005

LR: Pennsylvania: Banging a Babe in Bethlehem

As much as I liked Philadelphia, I still left with three parking tickets and a dry dick.

Keys to Lay:
--assuming attraction
--being open, social, and talkative
--having interesting real life stories
--spontaneous conversation with situational relevance
--being confident and playful
--assuming the sale, escalating
--walking away and trusting her to come back

Personal Significance:
--one of the most effortless lays yet
--had her hot and ready in under one hour
--another van lay; very good sex too
--lots of talk about my roadtrip and passionate travel
--special email twist-ending!
--serendipity, baby!

Thursday 7/7. I left Philly around three and traffic was already horrible. I was hoping to make it to Hopewell Furnace by five. No luck. Napped somewhere. I kept on to Allentown. It’s like 9ish and I see some kind of gathering in a park. Turns out to be some organized ongoing high school basketball tournament. Did what we call “warm up” approaches on the teenage girls here. Don’t tell mommy.

When I don’t get to socialize in the day, I’m like starved for nightlife. Especially when I know that if I had stayed in Philly, the city would be rockin’ on a Thursday. But the great white north is calling….

Kept driving and checked out these two clubs in Allentown that actually looked quite hip. Like they just look like amazing clubs—lots of lights and lounge areas, cool bars and DJ booths. But no people. I was the only non-employee to even walk into the second place. So they tell me that it will pick up by 10:30. OK. I schlepped around the area from 10-10:30. Dead. Back on the road to Bethlehem.

It was the only place I passed with anybody anywhere. Some Irish pub. Maybe six people milling around the outside. I wasn’t even going to stop—but one of the guys hanging outside was wearing a shirt from my alma mater. So I stopped to chat with some dude from my school. Probably 20 people inside.

This guy was drunk. And he didn’t really find it as interesting as I did that there were two Georgians in Pennsylvania at the same. So I spent most of the night sharing stories with this group of two girls and two guys. I knew it was not going to go anywhere PU-wise, but it was fun to just share laughs with hot girls over a couple drinks. This group left and I lingered for a few minutes to glance through the local weekly.

I grab the paper and walk outside to leave and I see HER. Gorgeous brunette. Her body wasn’t the tightest, but I am forgiving when there is a face this expressive and adorable. She’s just arrived with a girl and a guy. I found out later that they all drove separately to meet there. So I’m face to face with this girl in passing.

“Man, I just found out that a band I like is playing in your city tomorrow. It sucks that I can’t stay an extra night.” So I engaged her just like that. She asks what band and I tell her and ask her if she has heard of them and she says yes, but she is not going to the show. She asks where I am from, I tell her Georgia and I run through a “stack” of stories.

I think it is funny that I have “material” now that is simply stories of my adventures over the past few days. I think it’s only useful as long as I can convey that it is fresh and exciting. We’re outside and noise isn’t a factor. Her friends had ordered drinks and were sitting at a table outside, behind us. It’s amusing that she never sat down and never joined her friends, nor invited me into the group. Similarly, I never even acknowledged the two people she arrived with or asked her how she knew them or anything. Generally not good game, but it was not necessary as I had her undivided attention as she found my company captivating. It was 1AM and we both were sober, standing outside the bar just chatting. “I’m on this intense roadtrip. I just spent a week in Philly, man I’m in love with Philadelphia…”

My “stack” was something like this: Impressions of Philly, Live 8, Philly Steak Story 1, Steak Story 2 (Don’t Eat a Misteak), Philly vs DC, Ocean City Teen Tease, Atlantic City Working Girl, Teaching Russian Girls, Lighthouse Tour, LBI Himbos, Hanging at the Wawa….

Anyway, all these stories I have published here for whatever they are worth. Some themes I believe they convey…openness, connectedness, luck/timing, spontaneousness, flirtatiousness and judgment, desirability, flirtatiousness and MIS-judgment, not letting opportunities pass by, flirtatiousness and being genuine/not try-hard, humor, interest in history and culture, living in the moment, making your own fun, etc, etc, etc… Heavy are themes of being playful and spontaneous for the sake of challenging your creativity and living your life to the fullest.

Understand that I have calibrated that she is not much of a talker. But she is very much into my stories. Nodding and smiling and encouraging me to continue. This is a contrast from all the girls that it seems like I have met lately that want to talk and talk and ask me a million questions. So I just roll with the stories. I also tell her this: “I know you’re wearing the slightest bit of makeup, but in this blue neon light it really stands out. Gorgeous. I know I’m talking a lot, but I have to keep talking or else I’m just going to be thinking about how beautiful you are.” She laughs and says, “no, no, go on, please…”

So I’m talking about the Wawa--which is this chain of food stores and sometimes gas stations that is popular in VA, NJ, and PA. When I first started seeing them in VA I was like, what is this Wawawawawa shit? Like hello, welcome to Wawa? Sounds like baby gargle. I intentionally told myself I wasn’t going to go to a place with a name like that. Then I ended up at one in NJ because I had no choice. I was hungry. But I decided it was pretty cool after all because of their hi-tech digital sub ordering system. Like, there will be no one else in line, and you’re right in front of the person who will be making the sub, but you still have to type in your order. With the little on-screen digital beep-beep thingy. You probably say hoagie, huh? But the subs are pretty good and now I’m hooked. I’m writing a song called “Hanging at the Wawa.” It’s going to be huge. So you guys got one in town right? Take me to your Wawa…

So this drunk guy comes out of the bar and pukes… really close to us. Nasty. I pull her to me and around the side of the bar and we’re standing in a sprinkle of rain. This guy starts talking to us. We’re eying each other like, how do we get him out of here, politely. But drunk dude says we look good together. OK. I said, “We sure do, don’t we” and I grab her and pull her close. I ask; “Who has a camera?” And she has one in her purse! She asks her friend to take our picture. The drunk guy is in the first one. Then I say, “How about one of just us” and I kiss her cheek and the drunk guy leaves.

After the picture, I take her hand and walk her back to the side of the bar where we had moved to in the rain. It’s the lightest sprinkle you can imagine. But here she is out of sight from her friends. I want to talk privately and I don’t know if they will cockblock. A risky move, as they might be more defensive if I pull her out of sight. So I position us so that they can still see her right side, but they cannot see me at all.

I tell her that my parents used to mail their Christmas cards to Bethlehem PA to be re-mailed with the city’s special postmark. My parents didn’t really do this, but I know that it is a service that her city offers to folks so they can get a special pictorial cancellation. She had never heard of it. I asked her if there is like a Christmas tree or a year-round Nativity scene or some big star. Se says there is a star up on the mountain and I say that she has to take me there and she says OK.

I say, “It’s so easy to talk to you. Such comfort. You seem so genuine and real. Some girls I meet…” and I look into the distance like the thought is too intense to finish. I look back at her, do the triangular gazing, put my hand behind her head and kiss her. I hold her close and we kiss a couple more times with increasing tension.

It’s 1:45. The bar closes at 2 and her friends will be leaving. Do I attempt some kind of fifteen minute drag-and-fuck, or do I get her to ratify her feelings and trust her to meet up? Let’s face it; the former would be the quickest way to a red light. This is how I structured the latter (probably more wordy, as I tend to be):

“Listen…I know, that you, like me, are adventurous and spontaneous…(nods)…we are the kind of people that if we find something, a person, an opportunity, that captures our attention and stirs our souls, we want to seize that opportunity and make it our own…(nods)…it’s like, even if our time together is limited, we still know that it’s the kind of intense and amazing experience that we’ll always remember and cherish…(nods)…I’m going to go to my van and sort the pictures that I was telling you about, and you’re going to go spend some time with your friends. Make them smile and make sure they have a way home. Then come see me…I’ll be right here…we’ll go look for the star or have some other incredible adventure.”

“OK” she says. I’m smiling the whole time and looking deep into her eyes. I kiss her again. Then walk off. Not another word and I don’t look back. No contact info, no Plan B. Either she shows or she doesn’t. And I don’t sit there waiting. I’m sorting pictures like I said.

About 2:15 there’s the softest little knock on the window. I open the door and she’s all smiles and I playfully pull her in. We tickle each other and give each other massages and things get explicit quickly. I give a couple, “This is so intense. This kind of thing doesn’t happen to me” kind of statements early on just to counteract possible LMR. But there really wasn’t any. Straight porno (you know which one) after that. Pretty intense. Right there in the parking lot of this bar in Bethlehem.

When we parted I gave her my email. For shits and giggles, I’ve included the email she sent the next day:

“You are a free spirit and have a beautiful soul, with an open heart. I would love to just travel with you and go wherever the wind blows us. I have obligations and yes……..a husband. I’m going to attempt to work things out with him. But things very possibly won’t heal. And if they don’t, you’ll be the first I call. If you are ever in Pennsylvania again, look me up. It’d be cool and maybe we are destined to see each other again. Thanks for an amazing night. You’ll be on my mind.”

A husband! That certainly was and unexpected suprise from this 24 year old hottie. Perhaps explains why she kept quiet.


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