Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Montreal: Can't Win 'Em All


Here in Montreal, I have no cell phone service. I do some planning through the payphones, but I try to set up as many meets as possible with email. Just yesterday, I was at a payphone in the Metro station and I had all these little pieces of paper with phone numbers spread out one the floor. And I’m making call after call. The security guard comes up to me and says, “What is this? Your office?” We share a laugh. If he only new. It reminds me how much work this “game” is sometimes….

Anyway, I have to admit that I have flaked on girls about 8 times since I have been here. This means scheduling a time to meet and not showing up without even providing the courtesy of a cancellation-call. I’ve been flaked on three or four times. But when you add the girls that sent cancellation emails, the numbers are about the same. Karma I suppose.

Then there are the girls that just ‘next’ themselves. Always puzzling. They just take themselves out of your life for whatever reason. Sometimes with no explanation whatsoever. Sometimes the ones that next themselves seemed like the most solid interactions. Damn, I have lost some incredible women, I know…

So, like I say, I do a lot of communication through email right now. I’m moving on (leaving Montreal) soon, but I’d like to provide some select actual emails that women have sent me letting me know that they are, well, going down a different path.

Girl #1 Email #1 (kiss closed on Day1):

“Hope you had fun at the tam-tams today, I know I did :) For tomorrow, I have to say, I'm not a huuuuge fan of the contemporary art museums but we can always walk through the Old Port (I’ve actually never been...) or any other place you haven't seen in Montreal and where you could take good pictures..... Sorry for today, I’m used to speaking French all the time so my English needs to be ‘refreshed’...? How do you say that... it needs some practice..:P You can always call on my cell or leave me a message.”

Girl #1 Email #2:

”Sorry I've missed your call yesterday. Listen… um... see... it's a bit complicated to explain but that time we spent talking on the mont-royal, it was really nice but I think I want to leave it at that... I’m still trying to forget my last boyfriend and kissing you just brought back tons of memories and its mixing me up more, sooo.... good luck finding whatever you're searching for and bon voyage! It was nice meeting you..:)”

Girl #2 Email #1: (kissed on Day1):

”I finished the book, as I said I would. Where else have you been, out of America? I still think a hot shower wins over a bath. Our time was short, and for reasons of my own, it will remain that way. I will not come on Thursday. I hope you will still manage to go to the 1$ cinema (Decarie Square, 6900 boul. Décarie, Côte-St-Luc) it is an entirely unique Montreal experience. If you have time you should also go explore Archambault, if you love music, it will enchant you. I was wrong about not having been to a museum lately, the Canadian Center for Architecture was absolutely beautiful. I believe our lives, and many universes are governed by choice. Every single action creates a fork, a moment to choose a path, a direction leading us to more choices, and fulfillment in life. My choices, in this case, lead me away. I would have loved to show you some of my drawings, when I get around to putting them onto my computer I will send you a couple. I hope we will still communicate by email, you are truly interesting and passionate.”

Girl #3 Email #1 (strong connection on Day1):

”It was definitely great to meet you at tam-tams, I was pleasantly surprised by your disarming nature and friendliness. I unfortunately am busy on Wednesday night, I'm going to a concert and have a friend in from out of town. If there's any way that we could meet on Friday, maybe for breakfast/lunch or something, I can do that. Let me know what works.”

Girl #3 Email #2:

“Since it's my last few days here and I have a bunch of packing to do... I don't think I'll be able to meet up on Friday. I really would have loved to but I don't like to put myself in situations where I feel like I have a limited amount of time to spend with a person, like the clock is ticking. You're a unique person and it would have been great to spend more time with you. I wish you luck on your adventure.”

Can’t win them all. Love life. GoneSavage