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LR: DC D4: Freak on the Street

DC Day 4. First thing I did was type up the Day 3 post at the Holiday Inn in Ballston. But their wi-fi is a pay system, so I knew I’d have to delay the post until I found free wireless internet somewhere.

I parked at the Harris Teeter, because I can’t afford another $8 parking day. It’s a 24 hour store, very crowded when I left, so I figured I’d be okay. My intent was to bike downtown and cross the Roosevelt Bridge instead of the Key Bridge and end up near GW University instead of Georgetown. Once I got there, the Roosevelt Bridge just looked like an interstate ramp—it didn’t look safe for biking. After colliding with a taxi yesterday, I decided to just cross the Key Bridge and bike through Georgetown and over into another area.

Well, of course I see an amazing girl walking in Georgetown. So I park the bike and head after her. I walk up from behind (I guess this is my trademark) pace a couple steps beside her, check out her face (NICE this time). “Hey” (pause) “I know this is odd, but I couldn’t walk past without paying you a compliment…” (Pause--we’re still walking, but I slow down as I say) “There’s just something about your energy, the way you carry yourself… that I find very attractive.” I don’t really give time for it to be deflected and I introduce myself and when I hear the accent I immediately ask her where she if from. Uzbekistan. Great! I tell her about my Russian friends, etc. I should actually brush up on geography and *perhaps* learn a little Russian for strong social proof since it looks like soviet girls are becoming my type. Nah. I walk with her all the way to GW University, which is where I wanted to go, but I kinda wanted to BIKE there. Anyway, this girl has been in the US for 5 years and she does not work and she likes FUN and her English is a lot better than Belarus babe. The catch is, of course, she is married. I tried to work an in, but nah. Two fun things that I remember her saying: “American girls have no style. They think this shirt will go with this skirt. NO. It is horrible. You must look in the mirror.” And “You show me a US map and say ‘Texas’ and I will show you. You say ‘Uzbekistan’ to an average America and they say ‘what?? Pakistan?’” Good times.

BTW, I am wearing black pants, black shoes, and a black SS buttoned shirt with a single red horizontal stripe. And a black hat that I just got. It is a weird hat like a skull cap/toboggan but with a bill. I really want to wear a hat if I am doing street PU because I hate when my forehead gets sun-burnt. So I tried to find one a bit unusual. So I wander around the campus and that little mall place nearby. The approaches at the mall are less than memorable. Maybe because I was doing *opinion* openers based on the silly hat. Girls said they approved of the hat, but it was awkward for me to transition after that. Back on the street, and back to being more direct.

I quick-number closed this amazingly hot brunette going to a broadcasting class. I walk up from behind as she is walking and say, “Hold on” and I started zipping her backpack. “You almost spilled everywhere.” She says, “Thank you” with a genuine expression. I joke about the sweaty gym shorts she almost lost and I say, “Really, I thought you were cute and it was a good excuse to come talk to you. Are you nice?” She says, “Yes, are you nice? I guess you are because you helped me out.” I run my impressions of DC threads. I walk her to class as we chat and exchange numbers. I say, “If we get along on the phone, we’ll do something low-key like coffee.” She say, OK great!

By now it is like 5PM, I do a couple more approaches. Then I realized that I am drained for energy and I am actually becoming another one for these tired and worn folk with zombie faces. I remembered how upbeat and lively and full-of-energy I was three days ago. I sit and just watch for a bit. On the flip side, I also realize that this is the first day I have positively been feeling better from some kind of sickness (very little coughing today). It’s overcast again and I’m thinking another Monday storm is in store and I figure I have to start walking back towards Georgetown. Of course, I get lost.

Then I see HER. She’s across the street and walking the opposite direction. Hot brunette with her hair up, black shirt, long black boots, and a hot pink skirt. And big dangly beaded earrings (though I probably didn’t notice these until I was closer). I cross the street then head the direction she was walking.

“Hey…this is probably awkward, but I just had to tell you...I love your vibe…and your sense of style.” She says thank you and I introduce myself. Then I say, “What do you do? What’s your thing? Where are you going?” I don’t think rapid-fire questions are really solid game, but when she took the time to answer each before asking me anything, I had that sensation of really feeling I was IN. So I kept walking with her and we had great convo. I ran my impressions of DC threads and we talked about places we have traveled and interests and passions. Etc, etc. At some point she says, “Are you leading or am I? I need to go THAT way.” OK, have you eaten? “Yeah, but I could eat again.” Why don’t we just get a drink? OK. I find out she is 20. We go to Starbucks and I display my cheapskate side when I ask for an ice-water and when the cashier tells me that they only SELL water I’m like, oh, nevermind. She wants lemonade and is told they only have lemonade in bottles. I put my hand on her back and whisper, we should go somewhere else. I walk her to sit in the shelter of this tree. The sun has just gone down and it is raining lightly. BTW, this is in Dupont Circle which she tells me is GAY district. I talk about being aggressively hit on by a gay in Richmond and how I was just going to put up with him until he made a “statement of intent.” She laughed at the term. But I rubbed her shoulder and side to demonstrate how I got hit on. She said that was hardly aggressive. ;)

We continue walking. I’d definitely come back to this area to check it out. I found out her living situation and we’re just having lively conversation. I tell her about going on gem trails in the west to find garnets and turquoise and petrified wood and apache tears and such. She’s traveled a lot and tells me about her time in Cuba doing social research. BTW, she is half Puerto Rican and half white; very cute. I tell her about interpersonal philosophy and my tests that she probably couldn’t pass. “Little body language stuff that I made up to help me meet the kind of people that I really want to meet.” So I showed her the trust test and explained it afterwards. Then I showed her the hand holding test that I made up on the spot. Basically I had her interpret the different ways people can hold hands and pick a favorite. So we’re now walking fingers intertwined. I just hold her hand for a couple minutes to not seem clingy. She had told me earlier that she had to head home to let her dogs out. I’m trying to find a reason to get me there with her. Cooking was not the best route since she had just eaten. I did find out what she likes to cook. So I start talking about movies and find out what she has and what I have to see. We head off. Still having great conversation with some teasing. Great vibe. At one point she says how random this is and how she never gets approached. This is also a callback to earlier topics about people being aloof and standoffish or expecting something from people and people wearing headphones, etc.

At one point she asks my last name. I say, “I hope this is a genealogy thing, and not the part where you put my last name next to your first name and start imagining a future together. I’m not husband material; I’m not even boyfriend material.” Good times.

ANYWAY, we get lost. We walked through Adams Morgan which is the district many many people have been telling me to find. Gotta say, it looks HOT. It was 9PM at this point, on Thursday, and the streets were bumping already. She said that this scene is what Georgetown used to be like before the preppies took over. She told me more about the area and where she Salsa dances, etc. BUT…we were still two communities away, way up north of the zoo (can’t think of the name), and we’d been walking on streets that she’d never taken. At one point we realized (I do have a map) that we had walked like eight blocks the wrong way. I say, “Well, that was north, now let me show you south!” She apologizes for not knowing the area. I say, “I know your trick. First you get me tired and overcome with fatigue; then you take advantage of me. Well it’s not going to work.” She plays along and says, “What if I knock you unconscious.” Haha. Well, I’m on guard….

So it’s a long-ass trek and the conversation and vibe never dies. She’s very intelligent and witty and we have a wide rapport going. Finally we find her place. She reminds me that I have vehicles all across the district. There’s one little surprise at the house. Her roommate is out of town--she has already told me this (green light)--but when we get there, her roommate’s boyfriend is there in the living room. Meh… I got the impression that this guy cramped her style or made her uneasy or something.

So we hang out in the basement instead of her room. It’s quite a nice little house. First house I have been inside in DC anyway. I spend some time looking at books and photos and all the stuff in the house. All the stuff in the basement was her roommates. I just let my attention wander for awhile…

GS: “So…I heard you give great back rubs.” She say,
HB: “I heard you have great pick-up lines.”
GS: “I thought we were beyond that. Besides, I don’t know the first thing about pick up. I just say whatever comes out of my mouth and hope for the best.”

I sit in front of her and she gives me a token back rub. I’m sweaty as shit and I take my shirt off. Act a little shy and she continues until she says, “My turn.” I give her a deep tissue like incredibly amazing back massage and she’s moaning and shit. I whisper the following.

GS: “You have to stop that.”
HB: What?
GS: Making all those sensuous noises.
HB: Why?
GS: Because it’s turning me on too much.
HB: Well, I can’t help it. I’m an expressive person.
GS: Then I really shouldn’t hang out with you…because expressive women make me want to do…incredibly hot and sensuous things.

Then I turn her head slowly and kiss her. She’s all into it. The foreplay is amazing. Lots of massage and I verbalize how I am moving penetrating energy through her. I ask her about her favorite sensuous food and bath vs shower and kissing neck vs biting ears. I HATE having my ears bit and she bit me hard. I stopped her and looked in her eyes and said “don’t ever do that.” She apologizes. She also scratched the fuck out of my neck later on.

I told her the “three rules” to solidify consent and diffuse any last minute resistance. This is how it came last night: “For us to have this and enjoy this together (vague)…you have to accept certain rules… First, this is win/win…for both of us to enjoy… and no one feels like they are being taken advantage of (she smiles). Second, to show proper respect, we must use protection (she shows a face of relief and nods). Finally, you have to realize… that this is not about the act itself, but you want this because you know it will be so intense and so passionate that just thinking about what we’ve shared will leave you grinning and blushing for a week…with erotic memories that you will cherish for the rest of your life.” And I kiss her again.

We progress slowly and tease each other. Neither of us had a condom and she actually searches all over this room. “What self-respecting aids activist doesn’t have condoms?” she remarks about the roommate. She says, “We can either not do this, or we can be those shady people that come into the convenience store at 1AM just to buy condoms.” I say, “It’s cool. We’ve both shown amazing restraint tonight.” And I start to get dressed. She looks disappointed and I remind her that she has to work early and I ask her to take me to my car in Ballston.

Reluctantly, she gets dressed and we head off. We take the long-ass loop of 495 over to 66 and reach the van at Harris Teeters. It’s like 1:30 and luckily no tow, boot, or ticket. On the drive, we talked mostly about music and concerts, and I rubbed her thighs once in a while to keep buying temperature high. When we get to my van…

GS: “I want you to do me a favor”
HB: “OK…within reason.”
GS: I take $1 out of my pocket and say, “Go get me a gallon of spring water--house brand.”
HB; “Huh? Come with me.”
GS: “There’s something I want to show you, but I have to fix something first. Go get some water…”
HB: “Oh, you want me to leave…” (she smiles)
GS: “Yep. Remember the Transformers? (she nods) My van is a Transformer; it will look completely different when you get back…”

I give her a kiss and send her into the store. I move shit around in the van and fix up the cushions and pillows. I run in and have time to piss and we check out with the gallon of water together. I say, “Okay, you’re not going to believe this!” and I open the door and jump in. She follows and I say, “Pretty cozy huh?” She agrees.

So it doesn’t take long before were having passionate *protected* sex in the grocery store parking lot. She tests the rigidity of my tool in her mouth before impaling herself for a wild cowgirl ride. A deep dicking in missionary is next. Then I fuck her doggie style with her full ‘n’ fleshy funbags flopping against the van vinyl. We ride the wave of lust until we are both sweaty and satisfied and the windows are covered with a dense film. She tells me how incredible and amazing and lovely and unexpected the evening was. GoneSavage

Note—Some of the phraseology in that last part I borrowed from a porno mag. :)
Note—The next day, when I returned to Georgetown, my bike had been stolen. :(


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Dude, I love your stuff. I can't do it now, but within a couple years, I'm doing a PU Roadtrip. Your writing has inspired me to break my boundaries and try it. Besides, I love traveling alone, and I love makes perfect sense. Keep up the great work!


June 12, 2005  

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