Wednesday, June 08, 2005

FR: DC D3: Bike+Taxi, GoneSavage+GeorgeTown

DC day three. I had slept streetside in Georgetown. I woke up with a $30 ticket on the van. I figured I’d drive to a different two hour spot and just move the vehicle every two hours. However, I quickly realized that I could not even find a single space, so scratch any plans of hopping to multiple spaces. I decide to just drive out of Georgetown and bike back in. I got on Interstate 66 and took the first exit in VA, which is Ballston. I parked in the garage for the Ballston Mall. It was $1 for the first three hours. I figured, that’s not so bad, I’ll just make sure I’m back in three hours. Exit, and go back in for another three hours if I need to. The plan was to park streetside in Georgetown around 6:30 since they are two hour spots and are only monitored until 8:30.

Anyway, I was set on two wheels at 1:30. It took me half an hour to get to the Key Bridge. The smart thing to have done would have just been to PU around Ballston, Clarendon, and Rosslyn.

AND, this route is primarily down a hill. I’m coasting. I have one set of brakes. I found out that I cannot come to a complete stop without brakes on the other tire as I coast downhill. Consequently, I collided with a taxi. He cuts in front of me and I slow down enough to turn sideways and hit the side of my body and the side of the bike into the taxi. Got up without a scrape. And a reason to be more cautious. The driver actually asked if I was alright.

But check it out: Who do I notice walking in front of me right there on the bridge? That’s right, my girl from Belarus! As I was approaching and noticed this woman I was like, damn what’s with all these gorgeous blondes around here? Same distinct vibe (of course), so I decided to approach the same way. She was wearing brown jeans and a thin shirt with those little shoulder straps. So the energy definitely goes beyond the white dress look. Funny, I cruised up and realized it was indeed my girl! I say, “Hey look who it is!”

So she’s on her way to a job interview at an Italian restaurant. Yesterday she had been approached by a dude who asked her to meet him today to talk about this job. I walked with her and I explained the “fate” of us running into each other again. She was supposed to meet this guy in front of his restaurant. She had ten minutes to spare and I explained the good luck of four leaf clovers and we looked for some and we were holding hands and I reminded her that she owed me a kiss and a dance and I should come cook for her and her roommates. She smiled. Also this girl refuses to wear sunblock or sunglasses and I’m telling her that she is going to get sun poisoning and get tons of freckles and not be so beautiful anymore. Seriously, she’s so fair skinned, I don’t know how she is not fried from all her walking in the intense sun. Anyway this guy shows up – he’s fat and quite ugly and dressed poorly – and I introduce myself and say “I hope my friend here is right for the job. She’s new to the US, but is determined to be a great waitress.” I felt the guy was legit and I told her I would meet her back there in half an hour. She says OK.

Time flies. I had time to do a couple approaches. One was another backside sighting of a gorgeous blonde. This one was in a light blue skirt and blue top and she had that VIBE. I ran three blocks to catch up with her. But…from the front, wow, what a contrast, UGLY. Very tall and rough skin and a really worn face. I’ve already said, “hey” and stopped her, so I run the approach anyway. “I know this is awkward, but I just ran three blocks to tell you….there is just something about you, something about your energy, that drew me to you. I can’t explain it. I’m GoneSavage.” She said thanks and something about magnetism and the number close was a cinch. She’s Australian. “I wish I had more time to chat, but I have to go meet friends, but if you give me your number, and if we get along on the phone, then perhaps we’ll meet for coffee sometime.”

So I didn’t get back to the Italian restaurant until 3:50. Twenty minutes late. She’s not in sight. But for all I knew she was still interviewing. So I go in the restaurant and tell the hostess that I am here to pick up the gorgeous blonde who is interviewing with the owner.

She’s confused. I explain. Turns out, that guy does not work there and my girl never went in the building! I guess they just MET there and went somewhere else. I walked up the street and found another Italian place and asked the guy in there. Nothing. I’m not sure what happened. It’s sketchy.

The thing with this girl is that there is no direct way to contact her. No phone. What’s worse is that she does not want to relax or have fun or play or have adventures. SHE WANTS TO WORK. Which is typical of the foreign girls that come here. She WANTS to find TWO jobs. She’s getting her life together. Bad timing. We’ll see.

By now I am over my three hour limit. With a half hour bike ride ahead of me (provided I don’t stop.) The $1 for three hours jumps to $5 when you go over three. Then it goes up another $1 each hour. But I didn’t know if there was a maximum, so I was still anxious to get back and move my van. But I stick around Georgetown and talk to beautiful women. The European (and Asian) girls tend to be more receptive than the American chicks. Met another girl from Australia, and girls from Italy, Amsterdam, Korea, and India. I’ve been talking about my lack of reception in DC as a screening mechanism.

Threads like this: I just moved here. I went out last night just to be open and social. People seem a bit cliquish, cold, and rude. Girls tell me that no one here is just friendly and social. Everyone has an agenda and they are just wondering what a guy who approaches WANTS from them. “This is what I saw last night (demonstrate)...the backturn! I haven’t seen the backturn since I was like fifteen! Everywhere I go I have no trouble connecting with people and getting rapport and just feeling comfortable. But here…here people seem so unapproachable, so standoffish. Are you nice? I need to find a NICE girl QUICK before I completely lose hope in your city.”

Sure rude people are everywhere. This is a SLIGHT exaggeration, in my limited experience basically in only once section of DC. One girl I met said, “Georgetown in one of the richest areas in the country. All you have is rich kids burning their parent’s money and Euro-trash.” Another said, “DC is the most selfish and conceited city in the world.” Some others just insisted I’m in the wrong area.

Anyway, biking back up (sucking up the fact that I’m going to have to pay $$$ for parking), I stop here and there. A few interactions:

In Safeway there’s a HB with a loud wheel on her cart who pulled out of an isle in front of me. I circle the store then come up to her and say. “First you try to run over me then I hear you plowing through the store. You’ve got to slow down before someone gets hurt.” Led into a nice convo. BF – she’s making him pizza tonight. I tell her to call him and let him know he has competition. Fun interaction. She says it is the most interesting conversation she had ever had in a grocery store.

In the Burger King near the Metro, that was full with some field trip group, I approach a girl sitting and say, “I need your help…you and I need to chaperone…to get all these kids to be quite, or get out of here…” She’s like, “you need food (like I didn’t want to wait in line behind the kids) try McDonald’s over there….” I say, “Are there cute girls with red hair over there?” Girl is five years removed from Argentina. So I talk about my impression of DC and we end up going to a park that she knew about that I never would have known of and she shows me her drawings. We talk about hobbies and passions. Etc. Shit seems to be going well, except she has a final and a project due, etc, etc. Number closed.

In Whole Foods, I approach the fourth girl wearing headphones (2 of the other 3 were receptive while one kept walking.) I say, “I hate to put you on the spot, but what’s with the (gesture to my ears) in the grocery store.” She says, “I just got off the Metro and I didn’t want to end the CD.” I say, “That sounds reasonable. I was just hoping you weren’t unfriendly or antisocial.” So I run my threads and it’s going well and we’re talking about food and cooking and music. And repelling off the Washington Monument and stealing the Lincoln Statue and sneaking into the White House. Other fun stuff. She’s already eaten dinner and I found out she lives alone nearby, but was unable to persuade her to hang out longer. Number closed.

Rode back to Ballston and found out there was an $8 max in the parking garage. By now it was like 9, so I stayed parked in the garage. There was this bumping restaurant/bar right there called Rock Bottom. Talked to lots of girls. By the way, I have just been wearing jeans and a t-shit all day. I opened a couple sets by just saying, “You won’t believe this…I thought the entrance was over there….so I walked in front of all these people and then I had to walk back in front of all these people before I realized that I had to come in here. It’s tough being from out of town, you’ve got to learn so much to adapt. Guess how long I’ve been in DC?” Other sets I opened saying, “Are you nice? I just moved here and over in Georgetown I was just trying to be social and meet people, you know? But I found so many rude people….” Blah Blah Blah.

I have a terrible tendency to watch and look a other girls when I am in a set. Often I just wonder off to new stimulus. Another tendency is to go into set without picking a target. I had a 3set last night in which all three where firing questions at me and contradicting each other and cutting each other off and asking me to repeat things. I had to backpedal to control the frame and finally 1:1 the really hot girl. One thing that sucked is that the girl I initiated verbal contact with was initially interested. Once she saw me and the hot girl getting closer, I heard her says stuff like, “This guy is creepy” to the other friend. The number close with the target feels pretty solid.

I left this place around 11:45 as it was dying. The only other place I know how to get to is Georgetown. So I went up there again. I put on black pants, a polyester shirt, and black blazer. This is as peacocked as I get. I figure that if I am going to crash and burn, I might as well do it in style. Anyway, the scene is dead, but folks later told me that it was packed before 12. Where is the section of the city that doesn’t sleep?

I walk up to a very hot 2set on the road. I say, “Sorry I am late, the President called another meeting.” I push between them and poke my elbows out for them to put their arms in mine. They’re laughing and I say, “Don’t leave me hanging.” One girl takes my arm and I shake my other arm and the other girl takes my arm and I start walking and say, “Introductions…” I say, “Is that you’re name tonight, or is that you’re real name.” Good, because I am only interested in meeting real and genuine people. They are asking who are you, where are you from, why are you here? But they are going home. I rather candidly say, something like: “I’m only here through the weekend. Friday I need someone to show me the nightlife hotspots. You’ll look good rolling with me. It’s not a date, and you don’t even have to roll with me the whole night. We’ll just start our evening together and see where things go. Take out a phone and type in this number.”

I’m holding the hottest girl’s hand but making direct EC with the other girl as I speak. The hottest girl takes out her phone and I give her the number. I say, dial it. She asks why. The other girl says, so he has your number. Oh, that’s sneaky, she says. “Leave me a fun message,” I say, “tell me three interesting things about you.”

So I go to these two riverfront outdoor patio places again. Not many people there at all. Mostly guys. All women are of course occupied. I interrupt sets saying to the guys, “Hey bro, have you bought my friends here drinks yet?” I turn to the girls and say, “How are you ladies? Are you being treated? Are you getting all you need?” The girls are like “Who are you? Do you work here?” The guys just want to remind me that they are couples (often married). Anyway. Fun times. Another night….


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