Sunday, June 12, 2005

FR: DC D6: Venezuelan Coffee Date

6/11. Sid and I did a bit of sightseeing and getting lost. Checked out Central Station and drove around the monuments. Toured the Washington National Cathedral. Sid then hit the road back to Atlanta.

I took a nap and then headed for Adams Morgan for some solo pick up artistry or maybe a dramatic crash and learn. The lack of parking in DC blows my mind. I drove all around this district and found nothing. I finally headed back to Georgetown and parked. Then I walked all the way to Adams Morgan. This was a 40 minute walk at a brisk pace.

When I first got to the outskirts of the AM district I approached a gorgeous woman who turned out to be Columbian. I actually began talking to her with what we call an “indirect” style. I simply said “Is this the way to Adams Morgan?” She said yeas and I began walking beside of her talking about how this is where people have told me to check out and the other impressions of DC threads found in the DC Day 2 and 3 posts. Then I’m asking her about where she is from and just flirting. The interaction was going well enough that I venue changed her (or rather I took her off the street into a venue). I asked her if she wanted to get a drink and she rifled through her purse and could not find her ID. Then she remembered that her husband had it. Sounds like a flake, but we went to a coffee shop and she bought me a drink there instead. We had lively conversation and she taught me some elementary Spanish (that I have already learned and forgotten, learned and forgotten, several times in my life). She is 24. I’ve got her laughing and I’m being really flirtatious and overt saying that we are going to have an intimate and passionate affair behind her husband’s back. No, no. I really don’t know where I could have taken this. But she was interested in something. She liked my company I guess. Maybe it is just a custom where she is from to buy a drink for a guy that shows interest in you, even if you have a husband. I’m really naïve about things. Then he gets off work and picks her up. We chat for a sec. Dude is really really good looking (muy guapo).

I go to Reef where we were last night. There were two sets of two that I had going for awhile (among other less memorable approaches). I fucked them up by being overly cocky and arrogant. It was mostly that I was coming off of the intense energy from the happenings of Thursday and Friday. I somehow felt unstoppable—but I wasn’t doing the necessary work. Plus I was overcompensating with aggressive attraction tactics having just come from a relaxed rapport-based interaction with the Columbian girl. But I could not get rapport in the bars because I was just being stupid and cocky and making really ugly mistakes. Like I was talking to this short redhead that I definitely would have entertained with my dick, and I quite unintentionally press like every low self esteem button she has. Like I was telling a stupid story about a midget, WTF? Then she was talking about her boyfriend. I’m like, “I bet he’s a great guy. He buys you flowers and chocolates and takes you on big trips.” On and on. And I say “I bet he’s ready to put a Diamondelle on your finger and he’s got one hot in the oven” and I poke her tummy. She’s all like, “are you saying I look pregnant?” Shit like that. Oh and I complemented her on her freckles or her crow’s feet or some other insecurity. Her friend thought it was pretty funny to see her reaction to my stupid shit and she was into me and buying me drinks. I fucked up my chance with her by constantly interacting with other chicks outside this set and trying to pull them into this set and not really paying attention to her. I think if I had shown her some genuine curiosity and made an attempt to get to know her, it may have gotten somewhere (depending, of course, on how pissed off her friend really was—she had stopped talking to me, but didn’t force her friend to stop.)

Also, my impressions of DC threads that I had worked all week to cultivate were falling apart. First, I’d been here six days and the freshness that conveyed the vulnerability and awkwardness of being in a new city was wearing off. Second, I was abbreviating the threads and not giving them the emotion and emphasis that made them powerful.

The other 2set I fucked up in a similar way. For example, the girl I wanted (hey, I picked a target for once) mentioned a “FB” when I said something about how she should not be so exclusive with her boyfriend. Like she said, “I have an FB on the side.” I start using terminology and shit and tell her that she is going to be my wingwoman. Then I’d chat someone else. Stupid ass shit. I actually get her and her friend to venue change and buy me a pizza slice. I let her take the lead on where to go since I don’t know the city. Meh… We end up at a horribly loud place. Like my ears are ringing and verbal communication is impossible. I tell her to take us somewhere else and we go to a karaoke place. They stay in the karaoke room and I try to open dead sets in other parts of the bar. Not feeling it. When I come back, the 2set that bought me pizza is gone. I call it a draw, think about Thursday and Friday, and actually start that tremendous walk before last call. It takes me nearly an hour to get back.


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