Friday, August 21, 2009

Wild Nights

"You know what I mean by sex, don't you? The whole damn thing. It's not just pussy and cock. It's homes and children and security and comfort. It's jealousy and loneliness and hope. It's time itself. Everyone wants to get laid. Really laid. Some seek it through making money, or having a family, or achieving power or fame. But it's fuck they want. Fuck. To be smithereened in bliss, opened beyond all limits, loved absolutely, to give themselves completely - to infinity. Fuck."

"When you fuck a woman, you want to breathe the light down and fill her. It's a rhythmic thing, the pulse of the universe. Bam, bam, bam, radiating out from the center, nobody in the way, the Great One radiating out as fuck, shining as all things, alive as love. Women know this, intuitively. Women know in their bodies that God is fuck, but few get the chance to really open, you know. So they settle for babies and a nice house."

"It's just that every woman is the universe. Every woman is She, and so she waits for He, and he never quite gets there. He never quite makes it to that second notch, where fuck becomes more than sex, where it becomes the pulse of God, and the woman knows who she is because the man knows who she is and fucks her as she is. Breathe the Great One down into you and fuck her open as you both open without end, hitting that second notch over and over, which isn't a physical place in her pussy so much as it is the place in her heart that is unseparate from you."

"A woman's energy sometimes seems chaotic, but she is only waiting to be known, recognized for who she is. She intuits that your recognition of her is somehow necessary for her recognition of herself. She needs to be seen to know herself, because she is light, she is all, and when she is seen fully, when you really see her as she is, then she dies in bliss."

David Deida


Anonymous Cornelius said...

haha...I was just reading this and thinking: Man, this GoneSavage guy wirtes exactly like david deida, whose books I'm reading at the moment. :D
Savage, It's a pity that you don't live in germany!


August 21, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Niice! :-)


August 22, 2009  
Blogger bohemian09 said...

This is amazing...this is IT! As I read it, I had a big lump in my throat...I've wasted a lot of years to get to this point. But, I'm finally there. Imagine if everyone was in this place...the world would be a totally different place. A lot more smiles, that's for sure...

March 25, 2010  

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