Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Butterfly Metaphor

I'll give you my take on relationships...

Your presence in my life is like that of a butterfly landing on my hand. I delight in you. I appreciate what makes you special.

I may curl my hand up a bit to protect you from the wind and let you relax.

I admire all that makes you fascinating for as long as you want to stay. I will never insist that you have to leave.

But, at the same time, you will always be free to fly away.

I will not close my hands around you, restrict your movement, and keep you close at all costs.

You are not my possession. If you decide that you will be happier somewhere else, I always will allow that freedom.

I may very much want you to stay. But if you go, I understand.

Either way, you have my highest respect.

I’ll miss you when you go. And you’ll always have a fan out there, me. :-D

a paraphrase of classic Zan Perrion


Anonymous Fixer said...

Very beautiful
Very intelligent
Got my respect for this

February 18, 2010  

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