Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Pleasure & Leisure

It's okay to have a good time!
Pleasure is on the brink of extinction!
Let's eat cake, drink wine, and lay in a hammock and stare at the stars!
Excess may be bad, but self-deprivation is just stupid!
A life lived without pleasure, beauty, and leisure is a sad and wasted life!
"Mingle and Tingle" Pool Party at Caligula's place!
Hypocrisy and denial makes hedonism more trilling than ever!
Let's drink, make love, and laugh the day away!
I am bold and unapologetic in my quest for satisfaction!
Embracing pleasure is not selfish, it is the height of selflessness!
Share happiness and intoxicating joy with those around you!
Energy is a valuable commodity, use it to cultivate happiness and pleasure!
A silly dream is better than no dream at all!

Underrated pleasures:

thoughtful conversation
meaningful reflection
spontaneous laughter
hour long lunches
afternoon siestas
floating in water
making out in the rain
sleeping in
afternoon cocktails
dirty dancing
reading in a hammock
candlelit baths for two
playing on the swings
flirting shamelessly
watching the stars
sitting by a campfire
sinking into a hot tub
extended foreplay
sensual massage
travel by train
communing with nature
artistic expression
a cozy bed
true love
hot sex
unbridled affection

Inspired by Michael Flocker


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You forgot one:

getting squirted

August 05, 2009  

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