Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Sexual Reflexology Test

Sexual Reflexology
aka Facial Physiognomy

“Stop…I only got a glance and I have to have a better look.”

“You know, men are constantly appraising women. Most will try to hide it and do it slyly, especially if they are with another woman. I’d just rather let you know that I am checking you out. Appreciating your beauty. But, to really catalogue you mentally I need the three views….front…profile…and backside.”

I say this while I am spinning her with my hand or I tell her to turn around. I look her up and down with a smirk.

“Nice. Let me get a good look at your face…I’m trying to determine if we’d be compatible…”

Look at her and really study her and try to determine precisely what you find attractive about her. Gently touch her chin to move her face and look at her profile. Smile and let her know that you are really studying her physically. (I will also say, “Give me a broad smile. Now give me a toothy smile. Let me see your teeth.”) Then say:

“Have you ever heard of reflexology? Well, the Taoists believe that our facial features reflect other aspects of our nature and character. What do you like better, what’s a better feature—your eyes or your lips?”

Give a statement of agreement/approval and respond to her answer with this information:

“It is said that when a woman wins her lover’s affection with her eyes, it is an intellectual affair. When she wins her lovers affection with her lips, it is a passionate affair...”


You’ve heard that the eyes are the window to the soul. Well, your dark pupils and big bright eyes let me know that you love life, action, and passion. You are a passionate woman and you love novelty, new experiences, and meeting new people. Have you ever heard of eye gazing? Well, it’s a profound experience, perhaps I will teach it to you someday…


You know, the Taoists believe that the upper lip relates to the nature of giving pleasure and the lower lip relates to receiving pleasure.

A larger upper lip lets me know that you are a giving person.

A larger lower lip lets me know that you like receiving affection more than giving.

Note— The mouth and the genitals are at opposite poles of the body. One is a reflection of the other. When a person talks incessantly, this indicates a sexual frustration. This energy is being channeled through conversation instead of sexual expression.

Question 2: “What do you like better about yourself, your ears or your nose?”

“Haha. I know it’s not something you really think about. But I encourage you to really get to know all parts of your body.

Move her hair to look at her ear.

“However, I think I like your x better.”

You have very meaty and thick ears, this indicates a warm personality and good sexual potential.

You have a nice symmetrical nose, this indicates a warm personality and good sexual potential.

“One more thing. I have to touch your hair.”

Hair—an abundance of hair is a sign of strong sexuality and ample sexual energy
For men—it is an abundance of body and facial hair.

Touch and smell her hair. Then do Touch Test Level 1.