Friday, December 02, 2005

Ground Control to Lost Soul...

I was in Montreal from July 12th thru August 11th. Not all of my sexcapades were made public. I had not yet found the time to even write all the experience up as LRs (“Lay Reports”). When I left Canada, I was set to spend five day in New England as a tourist and then drive one week across the country to attend the Burning Man Arts Festival in Nevada. Friday, August 19th, I hit Chicago for the weekend. Saturday, after a rainy and utterly uneventful night, I lost my computer....

I charge my computer from an inverter that is powered from the car battery. Had been doing this for months (and I still am) with no problems. That night I went to sleep and left the computer charging. I had been parked in the same place for two days, without moving, and I had actually already charged the computer a couple times that weekend. Little did I know, I was actually draining the car battery. Not to worry, if the juice gets low, the inverter makes a loud beeping noise. I can shut it off before the battery power is critical. Well, that night, I heard the noise and it woke me up. I pulled the inverter. I looked at the computer and realized that it had been ON the whole time. Normally, of course, I charge it while it is OFF. Flipped open the monitor and saw a black screen with a white cursor. Stuck. I popped the battery out and went to sleep.

The next day, the car wouldn’t start. The battery was dead. The next day, the computer would start, but I couldn’t get past this black screen. I had it diagnosed and the hard drive was declared completely fried. To make a long story short, each machine killed the other. The computer drained the car battery, but the car surged and killed the computer.

So I lost every file, thousands of photos, and countless writings and documents. The reason I bought a pro camera, as well as, the primary reason for the laptop, was to store and share the photos from my experiences. Now the recorded memories of four months of adventure and travel had vanished. Very few people were ever aware of my extensive (and expensive) photographic pursuits. (The trip was more about building a portfolio as an adventure photographer than picking up women.)

In the end, I think it’s strange this attachment we have to things virtual. It’s weird to cope with an almost intangible ‘digital’ loss when the costs of the tour have been so palpable. With nothing to show in the end. Anyway, I know I am bellyaching. Life goes on….

Savage Montreal...

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6 HBfrancofolies (LR: Crazy Francophone Sex) 7-30
7 HBelectrique (LR: Foufoun Electrique Sex) 8-1 –not published
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9 HBdaycare (LR: F*cking the From-France French) 8-3 –not published
10 HBmexique (LR: North American Free Sex Agreement) 8-4 –not published
11 HBspinner (LR: Taking One More from Tam-Tams) 8-8 –not published