Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Montreal: Planetarium Pounding with HBfashiondesign


Back in the USA now. I was in Montreal for one month, having left on the 11th of August. As a measure of how incredible I found the city, consider that the most time I had spent on the PUA-Tour in any other city was one week. But of course, I had a travel deadline in Montreal, so I had to keep moving toward that destination. It’s also interesting to note that I never closed in Montreal until the tenth day (LRx3). Then things kind of exploded for me. I hope to get all the stories recorded soon, as they are all exceptional and exciting.

Oh yeah… One more thing that I became aware of in Montreal (especially from hanging with Papi Chulo, KitKatMan, Tarzan, AtoZ, and Hyunghu) is that I have become quite effective at conveying what it is that I do. Right now, I’m pretty good at explaining and teaching my mindsets, beliefs, and techniques. It’s good fun.

So for my last day, I treated myself to the pleasure of two women (though not at the same time): HBfashiondesign and HBdaycare. The rendezvous with HBfashiondesign was one of the most thrilling and exhilarating encounters on my sexual resume. Damn hot.

Wednesday she took me out for lunch and then suggested we go to the Planetarium. She bought our tickets and on the way in she says, “I intend to be touched.” Just like that. Of course, I had been fingering her earlier at the park, and I knew she was still worked up. We’re in the theater with like ten field trip groups—hundreds of little kids filling the place. There’s a small section of other visitors. But by no means are we secluded. We’ve got about four seats to our left and to our right that are empty. Couples are at both ends of our isle. No one is directly in front of us. No one is directly behind us, but the isle is occupied two seats down diagonally.

The show starts and it is not long until ours does too. I’m sure it’s no coincidence that she’s wearing a skirt. I’m touching her and she’s got her knees on the seats in front of us. She’s squirming madly. I maintain my composure and let her lose control. She says, “This is too much, you have to stop teasing me. I want you in me so bad.” Hmmm…

I keep her arousal high and she’s got my cock out and is stroking it hard. She says, “This is too much. I just want to climb on top of you. Is there any way to do this?” I tell her that I don’t think so. She looks disappointed. But I’m thinking. Bathroom? Now? Too obvious. Too much of a disturbance. Maybe after the show? It will be swarmed with kids. We’re still working each other heavily. “I want you now. I don’t care who sees us.”

In a slight commotion, I get her to position her right leg behind me on my seat. We have an unmoving arm-rest to deal with. I pull her left leg on top of me and against my chest. Her knee is basically at my chin. She’s got her arms around me and we’re facing each other, but we have just enough mobility to face foreword when necessary. After putting a condom on, I pull her panties to the side and I slide in. Really fucking exciting.

Don’t know the last time you’ve been to a Planetarium, but it’s a lot more risky than a typical theater. First of all, it’s not always completely dark; images are projected illuminating the room for brief periods. Second, the ceiling-screen is a curved dome, so the entire audience could be looking right over your head if the narrator draws attention to that area. And here we are fucking under the stars. And I keep up this erotic embrace for the entire show. Hitting it hard with lots of movement during the darkest moments. Playing it slow and sensual when the room is more lit. Was anyone aware? Probably. I know people were giving us looks when we walked out. I think we both avoided eye-contact with folks until we got outside where we shared a good laugh and held each other tight.

Anyway, that was our second and (unfortunately) our last fuck. Pretty intense way to go.

PS….just as an indicator of how she is hooked, here is the email she sent after the planetarium escapade:

”I can't seem to realize you are really gone, it's weird. The bar was closed yesterday so we changed our plans...I was so looking for you everywhere in the city in case you were walking around...I hoped I'd see you. Well, now I know where you are, well, not exactly but...anyway, it's a bad morning, I was 1 hour late to my job. I missed you so much but now I know you were gone, I'm kind of sad I must say...please, if you can, try to call me tonight, I wanna say real goodbyes. I finish working at 12pm, so if you have time in the afternoon, please ask a guy for a cell phone...or something like that. I miss you. It's not fair you left...”

Love life, GoneSavage