Thursday, December 15, 2005

Finger Length Test

Finger Length Test

aka Digit Ratio Analysis

“Hey, let me see your hand...not that one, the clean one.”
“Just kidding, give me the one you write with.”

Take her hand and look at the palm side. Bend her wrist back a bit to really stretch out the fingers. Look at the tips of the index and ring fingers.

“Uh-oh. You’re trouble.” Drop hand or smile and gently give it back to her.

She’ll demonstrate her piqued curiosity, and you can riff something out of the following…

“I’m comparing the length of your ring finger and your index finger. Check it out, see your x finger is slightly longer, and that lets me know….”

(insert whatever cold/warm read)

Having a longer ring finger means that you have a tendency to be aggressive and assertive. When you see something you want, you really go for it, no matter what other people may say. It’s an indicator of your physical desires…you probably have no hang-ups about sex and you’re not afraid to experiment.

Note—Having a longer ring finger is dominant in lesbians. “So…what kind of girls do you like?”

Having a longer index finger means that you have a tendency to have very deep emotions that you sometimes have trouble expressing. You’re also very sensitive and compassionate to the needs of others. You really need to bond and connect and gain a man’s trust before getting physical.

If they appear even, talk about how she is able to balance the emotional and physical aspects of her life.

The theory is this: Having a longer ring finger means that you were exposed to more testosterone in the womb. So you’ll exhibit more ‘masculine’ traits.

It is also quite fun to do with groups. Get everyone looking at their fingers at the same time. The girl with the longest ring finger is about to be ragged as a slut by her friends.

Note—It’s the same for guys. Except, a longer ring finger is the norm, whereas women typically will have longer index fingers. An abnormally long index finger probably means you are a fag. Haha.

Great lead in to Mound of Venus, Hand Massage, Palmistry, How Well Do You Know Your Body? or what I call the Touch Test (Level 1).

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