Monday, December 19, 2005

The Touch Test (Level 1)

Never underestimate the power of touch. Your fingertips are lethal lust weapons.

I use two touch tests. Level One has been used extensively to great result. I created it much longer ago and it is also used more frequently because it’s not nearly as intrusive as Level Two. Level One is designed to increase attraction through light kinesthetics and get her used to your touch. It sends an attraction signal with the slight confusion of arbitrary screening or even mock research. Level Two is designed to create arousal and anticipation and is used after she has given you sexual signs that she is ready to be teased and tormented. Level One involves the question “What feels better, x or y?” and Part Two uses the question “How good does this feel, on a scale of 1 to 10?” Level One concentrates on these safe zones: her arm, her hand, and her back. Part Two ventures into highly erogenous zones and R-rated areas: her neck, her breasts, and her hips/ass.

Touch Test Part 1

“Hey, check this out. I want to see how responsive you are to touch. Its weird, but we all have these preferences. What feels better, this…or this?”

1) Lightly skim your finger across her lower back (or upper back) in a counterclockwise spiral. Pause, and then run your fingers in a clockwise spiral.

2) Face her. Tell her to keep eye contact. With the palm of your left hand, begin at her shoulder and gently follow the outside of her upper arm and lower arm to her wrist. Then do the same with your right hand on her right arm.

3) “Okay, one more. Give me your hand. Which feels better, this…or this?” Trace angular movements (like a star) with your index finger on the palm of her hand. Then trace circular or spiral movements.

Note—The order is arbitrary. I like the order presented because it leaves me with her hand in mine. Then I run the Finger Length Test or another hand-touch routine.

Note—Her answers are arbitrary. (As far as I am concerned.) You may want to have follow-up responses. I have used some that are remarkably obvious, but this one is really not a speaking exercise for me.

“Oh, clockwise, you must have been born in the northern hemisphere.”
“Oh, left, of course, because you must be right handed.”
“Oh, curves over angles, I bet you also feel a warm sensation right here in the palm of your hand…”

Generally, I usually just smile and nod my head at her response like I am quietly evaluating her.

Note—You’ll be surprised how often women choose one over the other. Sometimes you get “they both feel good” or “they feel the same,” and I just say, “Just choose one. Which one just made you tingle more?” It’s all great fun.

Touching, isn’t it?