Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Thanks and Praise (Part 2)

"GoneSavage, you're one of the few people I've met who's worthy of all the respect and admiration he receives. You have an incredible story... not just ‘stories’ like everyone has, but an evolving and heroic narrative on a large scale. The influence on people's lives you've had is pretty amazing. I really hope you continue to explore and take drastic leaps like you did doing this tour.” --Alfalpha

“This is about having the power of choice. If a woman knows you could be with any woman in the room and you choose her, which is incredibly powerful. She will respect and adore you more for choosing her. In my reality these days, GS, your style is like NAS: half man, half amazing... What are you anyway, man?” –Droots22

“Thinking about it now, your road trip reminds me of the classic 'coming of age' story. You know the one: The young hero starts of under trying circumstances. He makes a difficult and courageous decision which starts him on a path to manhood. Because he has no way of turning back, he is forced to experience many things and in the process is transformed. Perhaps this is a lesson to us all? --Nostromo

“GS, you're fucking smooth. Well done. It sounds as though you do an excellent job of incorporating compliments and increasing her self-perceived value just through your presence. It can be a difficult balance, but I'd say from your post that you've mastered it.
This example is a pure win-win…” --Q20

“GoneSavage your posts are like no one else's on here…. Full of respect for women, and lots of romantic value in your rapport… it works amazing for you and conveys your game view towards life very clearly. It reminds me that I have the most fun and the most success when I am in similar mindset.” --Blondie

“If anyone is wondering why GS is so successful, here's my crack at it: He is 100% sure of what he wants to give and take from women. His game is completely congruent with who he is. As much as I want to repeat what he says in these posts word-for-word to women, I know that I would be much more successful finding my own inspiration and relating it to my own game. Your posts are a reminder of what REAL game is. Your writing is dynamic and full of important details. Reading your stuff really boosts my state and makes me want to get out there and sweep women off their feet!” --Icedub

“Your reports show me why it's so necessary to stress openness and honesty with women….You define the interaction, and make it turn out the way *you* want by expressing your values and showing them what's important to you. They then know how to gain your love. And in return, they get to be a part of your beautiful life. Damn, thanks for the reports man.” --Luff

“What I really appreciate is your clear-mindedness. You show that in the detail you go into in your reports and the way your interactions with these chicks are structured. Also, you're obviously very confident and self-assured….I look forward to reading more of your stuff. I've been very influenced by it and am very appreciative that you put the time in to enrich this community with your experiences and observations.” --JohnnyF

“GoneSavage… is charismatic and can express his love for life in a captivating manner. Someone who is confident, loves life and himself, will be able to seduce many, many women.” --asd77840

“Hey man, good to meet up with you - you are an incredibly chill guy in person. Better late than never on the props, but hey what can I say? Would have liked to find time hang out outside the seminar, maybe someday for sure.” --Formhandle

“I am finding a treasure trove of great techniques and insight that nicely complement what I had observed of your game hanging out with you. I particularly like how you smoothly transition into demonstrations and from there physical escalation. What made those bold SOIs even more powerful is your sincere intensity, your genuine desire to truly bring out and savor the woman she is. That, my man, got to be the # 1 vaginal lubricator of all times.” --PapiChulo

“This is the lifestyle I would love to be living… at least those of us who can't cut free from the restraints of ordinary life and become traveling adventurers can live vicariously through GoneSavage.” -- n3rv1

“I'm one of the people that have thoroughly enjoyed your reports… thank you for your tremendous work. Your general approach to life/women/the-world, as captured in the episodes of your PUA odyssey is fantastic, and has helped me begin the long process of—in a certain respect—learning to reframe the world in a more positive light.”

“It was cool meeting you in Montreal even though it was brief…hope you keep posting man.” --TokyoPUA

“I think that through this trip, and maybe also the seminar, you basically realized that women want to be fucked, and you have to convey to them that you are the one who will fuck them well, and while C&F, playing hard to get, logistics and all the rest of it is important, you basically need to use body language, eye contact, and words to convey that you want to take her on an adventure, that you will be in control of that adventure, and that she better not miss out on it.” --KitKatMan

“You MUST have your body language and voice tone completely down to, as you say, to deliver such strong and bold SOIs. This is the best field report on direct game I have ever read. Probably the only one I will ever need to read. GoneSavage, you are a fucking playa with heart!” --Live Wire

“I want to say thanks for helping me destroy a very negative attitude that was sucking all the fun out of my life. I happened upon your post…and it blew me away. I don't know why I let my current situation almost bury me in negativity…but your FR's helped me break out of that totally ugly and poisonous mind frame.” --Liontamer

“I've been reading all your adventures and I must say I am jealous - not just of your experiences but of your determination that allows you to undertake such a trip.” --Etan

“I just wanted to drop you a line and say, Respect, man, I love what you're doing. You come from a good place and I love your style of game, mate….I like your style - Very cool, no bullshit. You seem to have an interesting life where you learn and socialize, and then you just communicate that and fuck girls…” --Dimitri

“I found your reports amazing. It’s a stark contrast to almost everything I see….Not of the hatred, or insecurity, or even the cheapness that pollutes most people’s interactions. You are a complete romanticist, yet strong…. I truly envy your approach to life. You will be happy most of your life because of your ability to see art in things.” --Teraplane

“Excellent work; an inspiration. I especially like your use of language, I find it powerfully concise and really great word choice, seriously. I'm putting odds on you making this into a lifestyle” --Tarzan

“Good work. I hope your PUA Roadtrip continues to be successful, and you find some new amazing women to share your time with at your next stop.” –Slurride